Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Chemical Romance

So many requests for details about the MCR concert cannot be ignored! Here are all the gritty details and a couple of video clips from my crappy camera.

We arrived at Tempe Beach Park around 7:something Friday night. Todd & Bryce went to hang out in the VIP lounge (I'm going to pretty much leave them out of this part of the story, since obviously we didn't want to take the baby to front stage, even though he was wearing ear plugs). Allie & I positioned ourselves as close to the best spot (just slightly to the right of the catwalk at front stage) as we could. I scoped the crowd for centimeters of space that would help us move even closer, then schooled Allie on how to get up front without being rude or pushing.
We watched a bit of Billy Talent, then I felt guilty leaving Todd & Bryce, so I left Allie to watch alone for a bit (she was perfectly safe in a mass of squealing teen girls and a few moms and we both had our cell phones [i'm so glad we got those!]).
After visiting with T & B and watching a little of Puddle of Mudd, who followed Billy Talent, it was almost time for MCR to come on stage. Oh wait--funny story. While Allie and I were watching Billy Talent, Gerard Way (he's the singer of MCR for those of you who are not familiar) came to the side stage to watch some of the performance. Allie and I noticed him at the same time and looked at each other. Allie said, "I can't believe he's standing RIGHT THERE!" He looked delicious. I mean, edible. I mean...whatever. Insert an appropriate word, because I can't think of one!
Okay, so fast forward to the end of the Puddle of Mudd show. Once that ended, Dillard's put on a really lame dance show which I suffered through while trying to get back to Allie. In anticipation of MCR, the crowd had quadrupled in size and I couldn't see Allie anywhere.
MCR came on and opened with "I'm not okay," and I started crying because I couldn't find Allie and this being such a momentous occasion, I HAD to be with her and see the expression on her face and share this with her.
So, I wiggled my way to the spot I had previously left Allie and she wasn't there. Being 5'3", I couldn't see over most heads to get her location. I texted her phone and told her to put her hand up, but I still couldn't see her. Finally, I asked this big Indian guy to lift me up so I could find her. He did and I saw her--up and to the left--even closer to prime positioning. I was impressed. I then squirmed my way through the sweaty masses to get to her.
Allie was alight with energy and squealing and shrieking like I've never seen before. The hilight of her night was when Gerard threw a water bottle and spit a bunch of water into the crowd and some of it landed in her eye. She was absolutely thrilled that Gerard had spit in her eye. I silently hoped that he had brushed thoroughly that day.
The only annoying thing about the show was that every single person in the crowd sang every single word to every single song as loudly as he/she could. I could hardly hear Gerard singing. Okay, so I was singing, too, but still. Now on to the juicy goodness....
Okay, in this first video, Gerard smacks his butt. Hehe.

And in this one, he says, "Arizona," and walks right up next to us! You can hear Allie screaming, too.

And the final video I will put on here (for now) is my favorite song, "I don't love you."

I've been to so many shows in my life that I don't think I could even count them all. From the time I got my driver's license and my first job, bagging groceries at Safeway, I have been a concert-goer. I think my first was Modern English, and The Alarm opened for them. Anyway, none of them could possibly be as special to me as this MCR show because I got to see it with Allie. Thanks, Al! You rock my socks!

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Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see Puddle of Mudd, love their stuff-and you sound as giddy as a 12 year-old school girl for MCR, too funny.

Unknown said...

Okay, I know this was forever ago, but if you ever go again....I have to go with you!!!!!!!!!!! And, if you hear of The All American Rejects coming to town, you better come with me. I am so into these emo/hardcore bands its not even funny!!! Jimmy Eat World and Secondhand Serenade are on my top ten as well. They make me all giddy inside like I'm sixteen again. Wee-hoo!!!

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