Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Blast From the (Goth) Past

I will probably regret posting this, but here goes anyway! Remember, I was raised in a "different" sort of family. Harharhar. Do I really want to go THERE? The pix speak for themselves. Yes, they are really ME. (In the first one, the words surrounding me are my Enneagram [am I spelling that right? I'm too lazy to check.] details.)

Okay, I'll go there. A little family history (just a LITTLE). My mom has a twisted sense of humour. I'll leave that as it is. She was also not very restrictive of what I watched or listened to or investigated. From my earliest memories as a wee tot, I recall watching old Bela Lugosi movies. He schooled me in vampirism--I guess you could say he was my Pre-K Vampire teacher. Snort! From those old movies grew a devoted love and affection for all things gothic or macabre.

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Anonymous said...

Good Lawd! Straight from the Goth Garage in Japan...thank God phases like this only last about 3-40 years or so, however we are always left of the reminders of said phases...(ie, the great octopus/leviathan/Kracken you got there-which is pretty menacing to the faint of heart - that and all the red flags that go up when you meet a girl with an Enneagram)! Nothing but Good Times!.. and what I call "learning experiences"...! Then again, I may want to make sure your reflection is showing up in the mirror....

Crazymamaof6 said...

those are awesome! i was Goth for a couple halloweens. i wore some of my brothers real goth clothes. and well they did my make-up for me. it was FABULOUS!

fun blast from the past.

Unknown said...

hi, thanks for your comment, i really appreciate it. i'm curious as to how you found my page.
you've interesting blogs. i'm educating myself on diabetes now. oh, and allie's yellow trousers are awesome. and thats a word i save for only special occasions.

take care, b.

p.s. also from a 'different' sort of family, your pic from highschool looks almost identical to one of my sister in the same era :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!

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