Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yesterday Sucked and Reality Check

I don't know when I've been more glad for a day to be over than yesterday. Okay, I know I've definitely had worse days, but yesterday really sucked. I was at the computer waiting for purchase orders to arrive so I could work. The PO's never came, so the waiting at the computer turned into "hmmm...let's see if I can put a third column on my blog...." As you see, my blog still has two columns and the whole 8-hour mass of confusion has left me butt-sore.

First, I do a Google search for "how to add a third column to my blog." I get several different options and over the course of the day, try them all with varying degrees of success. At one point, I did have three columns, but I lost several of my widgets (side bar content) and the page just didn't lay right. Plus, I couldn't upload the groovy new header image I had made, which was just peeing me off. So, having backed up my original template, I decide the best thing to do would be to just scrap the three column and go back to my tried and true two column.

I upload the two column and most of my widgets were gone! I lost my favorite links, my "Things to Ponder," my Feedjit, PlayList music player.... Argh! Frustrating.

To top it all off, I finally found the place where you switch the post footer text, i.e. you can change "Posted by...." to "Lovingly handcrafted by...." or whatever. And instead of "Comments" you can put whatever (as you see I put "holla'd back." Well, I was so happy I finally found it, but in the course of infecting my once clean HTML with so many various unclean templates during my vain attempts at producing a third column, my "Lovingly handcrafted by..." refuses to show up!

As of bedtime last night I was ready to scrap my entire blog and start a new, fresh, clean one. Todd and I sat and thought up nifty names, but they were all taken. So here I am, depleted and defeated, realizing this blog has become more than just some silly little place to put words and pictures; it's bordering on obsession or ego or something. All I can say after this whole affair is "Crapstain!"

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sandi said...

Okay, I just realized this morning that yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my neice, Shannon's death. No wonder the day sucked. I am absolutely certain that things floating around in our unconscious or subconscious minds affect us. Like I was a mess on June 14th, cried all day long. I even cried that evening when Todd got home and he just looked at me blankly for a second then asked what was wrong. It was our due date. (I miscarried in December at 12 weeks). Thing is, I was crying that day even before I realized what the day was. What if all the bad days we have are played into by things long forgotten or far off in our pasts? Something to ponder.

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok seriously i love your blog name. fist off! crapstain makes me SMILE, i LOVE IT! it's one of those crude words i would totally use as an exclamation when irritated or peeved! yeah i would that is SO ME! DON'T CHANGE IT!

2nd, i did find a FABULOUS tutorial on the 3 column blog. it worked for me. and I'm no genius, and i lost nothing. email me and I'll send you the link, it's on my sidebar.

3rd. bad days suck, and i agree that some days have bad carma built in.

4th, the whole due date thing after miscarriage SUCKS! i have done that too. the friends that have healthy kids at the same time,are hard to watch occasionally. the reminder of the loss it's hard. and the triggers that remind me are always a surprise. enjoy the kids you do have. mourn the one you lost when the mood strikes. it gets better.

hope today is a better day!

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