Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks, George!

I've been reading a lot of D blogs lately, and love a couple in particular. This is one of them: On his blog, someone tagged George to do the following, and I thought it was hilarious, so I decided to do it for myself, too:

Google your name with the word needs (ie: George needs) - post the results...

And here are my results:

SANDI needs a break from Hollywood (yes, true; the fame is wearing me thin.)

Sandi Needs a Blog!! (ANOTHER one?! I'm good, thanks)

Sandi needs a new name with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. (sure, because there's not enough of my ego spread around already)


Sandi needs to be voided and a new check issued (i'm not so sure about being voided, but I'll take a new check!)

Sandi needs plastic bags (I do, actually)

sandi was a mean cheap bitch (now wait a minute!!!!)

Sandi needs our help desparately! (I can't argue with that)

Sandi needs to be smacked with the Beatdown stick. (well, i can't argue with that, either!)

Sandi needs more tortoise, less red. (ummm...I'll just have to trust you on that one)

Sandi needs comments on this by Friday (yeah, what's up with you guys and your non commenting? okay, except for Julie and Marty and occasionally Lisa)

Sandi needs a private place to change in and have her make-. up applied (don't we all?)

LOVE IT! This was HILARIOUS and made me crack a rib laughing so hard. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN! TAGGGGGG!

2 holla'd back:

Anonymous said...

A-HA!!...apparently "Submissive Sandi needs a spanking tonight"...hmmmmm, now I know why your new phrase is "butt sore" - that stuff is sooooo funny...I can't wait to click on that link when I get home..NSFW (Not Safe For Work)-that's for sure....! I won't spend more than 4 hours on that site, promise..

Anonymous said...

More of my favorites:

Sandi, of course does not want to leave China and leave Hannah here because she has no where to go.
(Of Course!)

Sandi provides exceptional service for you. If you need an appraiser, a lender, an inspector, a roofer, a painter, or a candle-stick maker, Sandi gets you the information you need. (now that's what I'm talking about, a TRUE multi-tasker, not some faker!)

SANDi offers business customers a choice of two configurations to best meet their communication needs. ('cause one choice is never enough, thanks Sandi!)

Sandi is a qualified Naturopath and an experienced practitioner (now the whole world knows your a bark-eater).

Sandi also offers one on one sessions designed to teach her clients relaxation skills tailored to their individual needs. (does that involve the "happy ending"??? Fans want to know!)

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