Thursday, July 10, 2008

Read the Signs, People!

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way people in Arizona merge (or fail to). One of the first things I noticed driving on the highways here is that if a lane is ending, the people driving in the ending lane do not merge. They blindly continue to drive until all of a sudden their lane is gone and they're in YOURS! If you don't speed up or slow down to accommodate them, they will hit you! This is a major source of stress for me; I hate driving here (unless I'm in the country and there are no other cars on the road, then I love it).

The WORST thing is when people can't read road signs. Take a look at this one:

This one means the LEFT lane is ending and the people in the left lane need to MERGE into the right lane. Do they do that in Arizona? No, they do not. They simply continue to drive until their lane is gone, then are suddenly in YOURS and yes, they will blow their horns at you for not merging for them. To the dear people of Arizona: please learn to merge and please learn to READ THE SIGNS!

Now, in Virginia, they are seriously lacking on road signs. When Todd and I lived there ('05 to '06), I was happy and comfortable driving the back roads with all their twists and turns. Todd was totally freaked. He would come to a stop sign with the road curving madly in either direction and peaking over a hill. In some places, you really just had to guess whether a car was going to pop up around the bend and whether you should go or not. This didn't bother me much. Todd adapted by developing his own way of dealing with it: wait a few seconds, then floor it. It seemed to work. There were no signs to warn you, but then again, I guess it was just all too obvious.

And if you've ever driven in Pennsylvania, you've probably seen this sign, which makes me smile:

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Crazymamaof6 said...

yes! i fully agree! but aren't you thrilled there aren't snow birds here right now making left turns from the left lane instead of the suicide lane? OR even better stopping in their lane completely before they merge into the next lane? that SERIOUSLY KILLS ME!

Todd makes me giggle! i could totally see him doing that!

Crazymamaof6 said...

holy crap! I'm still up, haven't made it to bed yet. i got the giant cupcake at Joann's ($30 but they have coupons, and sales all the time on it. ) and i hear they carry them at Micheal's too . but the freaking thing bakes for an hour!
then cooling it, and dumping it, and what not. insane since i didn't start until 2am. i am rad. but totally baked great, and dumped out fabulously! and in the long run way cheaper than buying a cake for every b-day.

yeah i have a late night following. it's crazy! just luck of the draw sometimes to be the 1st comment. usually mid afternoon.

have fun changing your template,i just switched back to my non holiday one. post when you are done so i know to come see it. it'll show up on my google reader!

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