Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our ACTUAL Wedding Photo--LOL!

Okay, yes, seriously, this is our actual wedding photo. Go ahead and laugh; we laugh at it everytime we see it. The story's pretty good, too. See below....

For those of you who have never heard our dating/wedding story, here's the skinny:

Todd & I met because his brother-in-law (Jeff) was my home teacher and brought his wife (Devon) over one Sunday because his h.t. companion was out of town. At the end of the visit, very sweet Devon asked me if there was anything they could do for me and I (jokingly) asked if she could find me a husband--not just any old husband--a good LDS husband because the guys I had been dating or meeting lately had really not been so fantastic.

Seriously, I was joking about her finding me a husband. But suddenly a lightbulb went on over her head, and she looked at Jeff and said, "My brother!" Then she looked at me, then back to Jeff and said, "But he's so weird!"

I was sitting there with a sinking feeling, thinking, "Great. Now I have to meet her weird brother." Because it would've been pretty rude to ask and then say "Oh just kidding." So, a BBQ was arranged at Devon and Jeff's and Todd and I were going to meet. (We actually met briefly a few days before that at D & J's son's Eagle Scout project, but didn't talk then).

So, to make a long story really short, Todd & I met at the BBQ, then Jeff forced him to ask me out later that week. We dated for 3 weeks. One Saturday, Todd borrowed his sister Erin's convertible and we drove up to the rim to go hiking. It was a really nice day. When we arrived back at my apartment in Mesa around 6 that evening, neither of us wanted the day to be over. We stood there saying, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?"

We were wind-blown and a little grungy from the drive and hiking, so I didn't really want to go out to dinner or anything public like that. So, then the great idea came to me and I "proposed" it to Todd: "Let's go to Vegas and get married!"

So to make that part of the story short, we hopped on a plane and flew off to Vegas and stood in the very long line to the county office, then were limo'ed off to "A Las Vegas Garden of Love" (which later had it's own reality show on t.v.) and were given a talk and prepped for marriage by a 16 year old boy (I'm so not kidding) and married by a pretty decent pastor who gave us a nice talk about marriage.

We didn't have rings, or anything else "wedding-ish" and were married in the grungy clothes we had hiked in that morning. Notice that Todd got married in a Wheeler A/C shirt!!!!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

i'm dying about the wheeler a/c shirt. and we'd heard the lowdown from Todd at the time. HILARIOUS! so glad you snagged him he is a different man once he met you! WHOOHOO for you guys!

Lisa said...

Isn't is crazy how life happens sometimes! I love your wedding photo....it's not typical like everyone else's!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You get one million bonus points for being spontaneous-that is just freakin' crazy and perfect all at the same time-that is soooo Hollywood...lol. I'm just glad it has lasted, that is the best part!

SuperCoolMom said...

Hahaha! Love it!!! My hubby and I eloped too. I called my uncle at his school at 3 and he married us at 5. I was suposed to bring DH's white shirt, but forgot it, so he traded with one of my brothers. After, We went on a triple date with my cousins who we'd set up with his bros (blind date). We called to tell them we were running late, "Sorry. We just got married." What!?! LOL!

Nat Nat said...

Read about you on Crazymama's.. such a fun story. I love it. Totally romantic in a dirty t-shirt kinda way. LOL

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