Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another Campout at Airplane Flat

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to go back up to Airplane Flat where we had recently camped for Ward Campout. We love it there--it's cool, pretty, and fun!

Even the ride up wasn't so bad--Bryce is finally getting used to car rides. Allie brought a friend and so did Zane.

Zane and his friend had the honor of entertaining Bryce on the drive.

Todd entertained himself by making weird for the other drivers. Hehehe!

When we arrived at Airplane Flat, the campground was FULL so, totally bummed, we drove on to the next camp, which was also FULL. Refusing to be disheartened, I asked Todd to pull into Airplane Flat so I could talk to the host (he's like the ranger dude). The host told us that everything in the area was FULL FULL FULL but he joked that if we drove around the campground we might find someone we know and crash their site. Sounded like a plan to me!

We drove through and all the way at the other end, I spotted a sister from our Ward. I yelled out to her (I was so excited!) and asked if she wanted to share her site (the sites there are huge HUGE I tell you!) and she said sure, so we parked the 'Burban and got out.

Then I heard someone yell, "Sandi" from across the way. It was another family from our ward! Then another appeared one space down from the first family. We ended up setting up our tents between those 2 families. It was so fun and totally lucky that we saw them!

This is Zane's friend (and another ward family's son) keeping the fire going with his air mattress pump. LOL!

Bryce found an old toy and spent a while in the tent investigating it.

Then he had the best time pouring dirt down his back! LOL!

He totally took over someone's chair while he watched a volleyball game.

Allie eventually got in on the game:

Then she got stuck crossing a fallen tree over a ravine. hehehehe

Of course I had to find something funky and interesting to photo: a weird mushroom:

Our camp neighbor's boys CRACK me up. They are total cowboys; here they are on their log horses:

Good times! We had to leave early because it POURED and I woke up with dripping wet hair...Jake H. asked me where I had taken a shower (there aren't any there) and I told him our tent leaked. LOL! Despite getting rained out, it was super fun!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome awesome campout! you are BRAVE! like i said before i am not a camper for reasons like rain and leaky tents. rad it worked out for you! TODD is hilarious! glad he can keep himself entertained!

sandi said...

For people reading this post who may be considering camping at Airplane Flat, I highly recommend it. Check my archive from September for "ward campout" and see more pix of the place...the famous rope swing, the beautiful stream, etc. It's a great place for families!

sandi said...

...DER! Make that the AUGUST archive. Here it is:

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