Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Costume Preview

So I had no plans for a costume this year. At the last minute I threw on some make up and a dress and became a dark fairy:

Halloween is so fuN!

Allie's a zombie:


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Happy Halloween!

In honor of Halloween, here is a list of things I find really scary:

1. margarine

2. grasshoppers

3. outhouses

4. airplanes

5. fish heads

6. pantyhose

7. the desert

8. cats

9. bad grammar

10. this list

Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mystery Solved--Why I Resemble A HOO from HOOVILLE

I have soooo many pictures that make me look like a Hoo. I couldn't figure out WHY I look like a HOO, but I finally have it. It comes from my dad's side of the family. That space between the nose and upper lip? Ours is vast. It's "Hoo-ish." We have no upper lip. I guess that's WHY we have the VAST VOID between there and the nose.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember a week or so ago when I said my Russian lessons on Mondays make me so tired I'm asleep by 8? Apparently when I DO my Russian homework, it makes Bryce really tired:

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures in Russian [ Music ]

I think I have a new favorite singer. Her name is Zemfira. Check this video and love it! See translation below (at least as close as I could get!!!) Beautiful song!

*Nebo Londona [London sky]*

I dreamed of the London sky,
I saw the long kiss in it,
We were flying not even holding on,
So, who's gonna fall first,
Smashing into pieces on the Tower bridge?
In the morning,
I'll find out in the morning,
You'll find out later
Nothing else's more precious
Than these dreams…

Without these little calls
I'm just a lonely animal
I'll miss, go out of my mind in the night
And no one will notice.
Still the same lonely animal
I count all the steps to the last point
Let’s go flying…

I dreamed of the London sky
I saw the long kiss in it
We were there walking in the clouds
Pretending to be the London rain
Drizzling together to the asphalt
In the morning
I'll find out in the morning
You'll find out later
Nothing else's more precious
Than these dreams…

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fred On Election Day

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Does Sandi Really Want?

A few months ago I did the "Sandi needs" tag which was pretty funny, so today I decided to Google the words "Sandi wants" to see if the results were as funny as the ones for "Sandi needs." I don't think these are quite as good, but it's nice to get back to goofy:

1. Sandi wants a chat with JFK (ummmm...sure, why not?)

2. Sandi wants the truth. (I do! I really do!)

3. Sandi wants to be the new Bond girl. (I don't! I really don't!)

4. Sandi wants me to pay more in taxes to fund the lunatic spending and corruption that is this city (hmmmm.)

5. Sandi wants you to check out her web site (Well, apparently you already are!)

6. Sandi wants to remind us, we have the opportunity to fall forward when we fall (cuz I care, and people like me)

7. Sandi wants to hear about your most memorable Saturday Night's out (Well? I'm waiting!)

8. sandi wants the truth wrote (and I also want it written)

9. Sandi wants knitting lessons (nah, Russian and cello are enough lessons for me right now!)

10. Sandi wants to offer her support to you (because, again, i care and people like me)

11. Sandi wants you to visit (ummmm. just call first)

12. Sandy wants to propose (I already did; actually I just dragged Todd off to Vegas, but he didn't try to stop me, right?)

13. Sandi wants to say thanks for wishes on her birthday on my space (thank you soooo much!)

Shrug. Your turn. Go see what other "yous" want.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family

Yesterday, the kids' bus was 20 minutes late, so I drove them to school. On the way out of our neighborhood, I saw a sign that read, "Free to good home. 3-month-old Lab." Todd loooooves Labs and I knew he would want this dog, so (even though I really did not want a dog, since it's going to be mostly ME taking care of him and I already have far too much on my plate) I called Todd and told him about the sign. He asked me to call the number. I did and we now have the dog. And despite the fact that I didn't want a dog, he is so darn cute and affectionate, I'm finding him irresistible.

This is Shadow:

Allie loves him:
And Zane loves him so much he even slept next to Shadow so he wouldn't be scared:

He's not house broken yet, so he has to sleep in his crate. I'm a big fan of crate training. Shadow seems to be a very smart dog, so it shouldn't take long. He's already learned "sit" and "down." I'm sure we'll have many happy days with our new addition to the fam.


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New Addition to The Cast

I'm going to have to change the picture with us as "The Cast." There's a new addition to the crew.

Picture forthcoming!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Toddles!

Thursday the 16th was Todd's birthday. This is what I got him:

No, not the car! A trip to Six Flags! We drove to Cali to spend the night Thursday then went to Six Flags all day (and night) Friday. Todd got to be Batman:

And convene with a bunch of goats....

We took Bryce on lots of rides. He LOVES rides! We even took him on some that he was a tad small for and he loved them. I couldn't get pix of his excited faces as the rides were going :o/ He just looks scared in this one:

I think Todd had a good birthday. I'm not sure what has happened to me lately. Okay, i do know. i've gotten I used to worship roller coasters. The wilder, the better. I find that has changed. I'm terrified of them, but love them at the same time. I let Todd take me on Goliath and the 255-foot hill (that then goes 120 ft. underground for a grand total of a 375 foot drop) nearly did me in. My leg was shaking so violently I can't even describe it. I lost all feeling in my hands and feet. I thought my heart would pound completely out from my chest and plunge to the ground below. After the ride, I was still shaking so badly I could hardly walk. It was an awesome treat for Todd, who got a huge laugh out of it.

Then we rode the Viper, which was much less tame after the Goliath. I love the loops; up-side-down is cool. Nothing is daunting to Todd; he'll ride anything!


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

2 Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, Allie's pediatrician called with her lab results.

Two years ago today, Allie was admitted into Phoenix Children's Hospital where, for three days, we learned to keep her alive with insulin injections and glucose.

Two years ago today, our lives changed forever.

Two years ago today, I fell into a mild depression that still follows me around like a shadow.

Two years ago today, Allie had already accepted and come to terms with her condition.

She was only 12.

At 14, she still takes this disease in stride. She doesn't complain. She deals with it and goes on wtih her amazing life.

She is my hero.

I love you, Allie. Thank you for being strong when I couldn't. Thank you for continuing to do so.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Friend Like That

A true-to-the-heart friend who GETS you and loves and accepts you despite all your various flaws and shortcomings is a treasure on Earth. You know, the one you can say ANYTHING to and she will understand it from your perspective. You will not have to spend hours trying to explain yourself. She already knows. And if she doesn't, she will fry her brain trying. And you know her the same way. It's a magic and precious bond.

I am a lucky girl, because I have a few of those. Let me tell you about one in particular, since Allie's 2-year anniversary of having type 1 diabetes is this Saturday and diabetes plays into this story.

(Insert waves or "diddly doo's" here)

It was an early Saturday morning in June 2007 as Todd and I headed out the door to walk to the park across the street from our house to take part in the Primary activity (our church's program for kids). Reaching the corner, we merged with more foot traffic: Amy, another Primary teacher and neighbor 2 blocks away who I recognized but didn't know well, and her kids.

As we stood watching the kids laughing and playing water games, a deep feeling came to me: I knew somehow in that moment that Amy was going to be a huge, monumental part of my life. It was almost like a revelation, it was so strong. I looked at her and pondered who this chick was and how she would come to be so integral to my life. I also thought my plan of not getting attached to anyone in this ward just might be foiled.

Let me note here that when I meet someone, or am getting to know someone, I have to reeeeally tone down my personality. I'm a total and complete nutball and am wide-open. To say that I can be misunderstood is a vast understatement. I know that I overwhelm some people. Some people can't handle me, and I'm totally okay with that. Not everyone has to like me or want to go along with my wild schemes. (Betsy, sorry I got us pulled over by the cops...twice. What? We were on rollerblades! That's all I'll say).

So when I got this knowledge that Amy and I were going to bond in some way, I thought, "Fantastic! I can skip the whole toned down, polite and respectful Sandi and get straight to the sarcasm and farting."

It was so freeing and refreshing! Amy, however, didn't seem to know quite how to take it. hehehe. Okay, so I still had to tone it down a bit.

Amy and I slowly got to know each other. I told her about Allie having type 1 diabetes and the stress and heartbreak that goes along with it. I told her about Todd and me, about this and that, and our friendship started to grow.

Then one day I got a phone call. It was Amy calling from the hospital. Her 10-year-old son, Caden, had developed type 1 diabetes. I cried, I cussed, I told her it would be okay, that I would help her get through this. I felt so blessed to be able to be there for her through this life-changing event.

Who would've known I would be the one to receive the bigger blessing?

Soon after their stay in the hospital, Amy and Caden returned home to a much altered life full of lancets, test strips, glucose meters, syringes, insulin, calculations and carb counting. To say the least, it is extremely overwhelming.

One night as I lay on the couch talking to Todd, there was a knock on the door. Todd got up to answer it and in whooshed a tearful and snotty Amy. She was in quite the state. I grabbed and hugged her, apologizing for my stinky pits. She snotted on my shoulder and apologized for that. That we could worry about manners in an apparent emergency makes me giggle now.

I asked what was wrong. I thought something terrible had happened to Caden.

Amy told me that a visiting family member had put butter and milk in the mashed potatoes and now Caden couldn't eat them because she couldn't count the carbs and she was upset because Caden loves mashed potatoes and she just wanted him to be able to eat some mashed potatoes!

People, let me tell you, I cried into a pot of beef stew someone had brought us when Allie got out of the hospital after her diagnosis. I couldn't count those carbs to save my life. The kind sister had put noodles AND potatoes and carrots in them and it fried my brain. Of course, both Amy and I can the carbs in anything you put in front of us now, but in the first days, it sucked butt.

So anyway, I smiled at Amy and told her it was okay. I wanted to giggle, and I might have (did I, Aimes?) and I reminded her of my beef stew story. My heart broke for her. Todd spoke up and assured Amy that I was a complete and utter mess for the first month after Allie's dx, and that Amy was doing was much better than I had (and that's the truth!). I had to cry along with Amy, because I could feel what she was feeling. There's a bond between type 1 moms, I tell you.

We looked up the carbs in the Calorie King book, Amy felt stupid (which she shouldn't have) and apologized for snotting on me (which also didn't warrant an apology). She went home and counted carbs, got right back up on the saddle and went on. She's a much stronger person than I am.

What was the bigger blessing I received? It is through our love and service to others that our own hearts are healed and our lives change for the better. We find our strength. Having someone to share not only the "normal, everyday" ups and downs of life, but someone who also understands the very complex emotional pain of having a child with type 1 diabetes, is a blessing beyond words. I believe Amy and I were drawn to this neighborhood for this reason: to lift one another up. She has held me up on many occasions. To the rest of the world, we're just two girlfriends out shopping and being silly. And we are. But, with a knowing smile, Amy and I understand that we go much deeper than that.

Amy, thanks for putting up with me; I know I can be a pain in the hoinkus. And Aimes, you can snot on me any time, day or night. That's what true-to-the-heart friends do for each other. They take the good with the bad, the difficult with the easy, the snot with the tears. It's all good.

I love you, Amy!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adventures in Russian

I had my second Russian refresher lesson last night. During the first lesson, a week ago, my insructor spoke almost entirely in Russian. So on my way to the lesson this week, with butterflies in my stomach, I thought, "It couldn't be as hard as last week."

I was wrong.

My instructor didn't speak Russian this time. She had ME speak Russian. We started with my translating simple sentences from English to Russian, then moved on to my answering questions in Russian.

Let me tell you, my brain was working so hard to recall Russian words I hadn't used in nearly 2 decades, like "sleep," "get dressed," etc.

So when I was supposed to say in Russian, "I go to sleep at 10 o'clock." What I really said was,

"I get stinking drunk at 10 o'clock."
Not just a little drunk, but stinking drunk.
Go me!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Am Tingly All Over--New Twilight Trailer!

Twilight HD Exclusive Trailer

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Oooooo Preeeeetty

When I was five years old, my dad gave me my first real dictionary. It wasn't one of those "kid" dictionaries with small words and big pictures. It was a big, thick, grown-up Webster's. The cover was red. Inside, my dad wrote: "To Sandra Lynn. Love Daddy!" I would open the sturdy cover and flip the delicate pages, taking in the glorious words. Even into my 20's, I would still sit and read the dictionary for fun. For my birthday a few years ago, Todd bought me a behemoth Unabridged Dictionary. Heaven!

I guess you could say I have this thing about words. I love them. I collect them. I get A Word A Day and save my favorites in their own little folder. Today's word I found exceptionally good, so I'm sharing it with you here. Pay attention to the meaning; love that! There's also a quote at the end; sometimes they're fabulous and sometimes just okay. Today's is pretty good. Enjoy!

(This is completely copied from the AWAD email; hope that's okay, Anu!)

with Anu Garg

(suh-RAN [the second syllable is nasal])

noun: Fine rain falling from an apparently cloudless sky, typically observed after sunset.

From French serein, from Old French serain (evening), from Latin serum (evening), from serus (late).

"She must have caught a chill from the serein, that's all!"
Raphael Confiant; Mamzelle Dragonfly; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2000.

Journalism is publishing what someone doesn't want us to know, the rest is propaganda. -Horacio Verbitsky, journalist (b. 1942)

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Early Morning Inner Dialogue

I got up at 5 this morning to catch up on work since the extranet was down for a day and I'm a bit behind. As I sat there printing out purchase orders, I suddently felt really nauseated. The following is the inner dialogue that ensued.

Me: Uuuuuuugh. Why am I so nauseated?

Other me: I don't know. Maybe it's indigestion. Or maybe you're pregnant! Could you be pregnant?

Me: No, I definitely could not be pregnant. Could I? No, we're done. So, no. Nope. I could not be pregnant. But I am feeling very sick. Maybe it's just the flu. Or indigestion, like you said.

Other me: What did you eat last night?

Me: Waffle fries and cucumbers.

Other me: It's probably just gas.

Me: Why won't this PDF print! Print! Print! Print! This computer sucks!

Other me: You're going to have to restart it. Again.

Me: Great. What a pain in the horse! I'm sick of this! I'm going to barf!

Other me: Do some sun salutations while the computer is restarting. It'll help.

Me.: (Reluctantly) Okaaaaaaay.

Me: (Doing sun salutations) Wow, I'm stiff. I can hardly touch the floor. This feels good though. But I still think I'm gonna puke.

Other me: Keep going.

Me: Still feel pukish, but more flexible. I'll be able to lean over the toilet quite well while I puke. I can't be pregnant. I'm not late. I wouldn't be nauseated yet. It's just the flu. I'm going to have to cancel with Shawna and my VT's (Visiting Teachers). Crap.

Other me: It's not the flu. It's the waffle fries and cucumbers. What were you thinking?

Me: I was thinking, "Yummmmm," as I dipped my fries in mayo.

Other me: WHAT?! Mayo? You didn't tell me about the mayo!

Me: But I always do that. Hmmm. Do I have a pregnancy test lying around?

Other me: You're not pregnant! And even if you were, it would be too early to be sick, and too early to show up on a test!

Me: Computer is back up. I'm putting this on my blog.

Other me: Why?

Me: Because if I say it out loud, then I won't be pregnant.

Other me: Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Me: Leave me alone; I'm going to puke and I have to finish my work.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Final Political Video (teeheehee)

Oh COME ON people, can't we all just laugh? Last election, my boss (an attorney) made sure we stayed on top of the hilarious Jib Jab videos. I love people who can laugh things off and not get all in a bunch. Enjoy a little Jib Jab; it's my final offering on the political scene.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!


Bwaaaaaaahahahaha! I've been searching for videos on YouTube in Russian (I am trying so hard to relearn this language!) and came across this one which made my day! It's a young Russian man trying to get his Russian Grandma to say (in English): "Waaaazuuuuup?" She finally relents, but she left off the "p" at the end so he made her do it again. She's a great sport! This is SO CUTE!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Such a Bad Liar!

I started a post this morning about how the economic situation is stressing me out, and put on top of that the need to keep a good supply of insulin, test strips, needles, etc. (all to the tune of $600/month without insurance [but we do have insurance that covers a lot of it]) and wondering if a depression like The Great Depression would affect our ability to keep Allie alive and safe (don't worry Al, I would do Whatever It Took), but I deleted it and instead, put the post (see below) about my Russian lesson last night, trying to give the appearance of having a normal day.

But I am not having a normal day.

So then I sat here at the computer, crying, being stressed out and desperately looking for something to pick me up. I saw CrazyMama has posted about Sharting, and if that can't bring a laugh, I don't know what can. Go see CrazyMama's post about Sharting! (<--click that over there).

Then I went to cJane's post and found that Gigs just turned 2. That got me bawling all over again. Gigs is one of the Nielson's remember--the couple who are in the burn unit, survivors of a plane crash. Gigs turned 2 without his parents there to celebrate with him. But they're alive, they're alive, and they'll be at his 3rd.

Okay, I gotta go cry some more. And plan out our food storage. And pray for the Nielson's. And pray for a cure for type 1 diabetes. And study Russian. And get my work done that's due Friday.

Help a girl out: Tell me something funny.

My First Russian Lesson (in years)!

Yesterday I went to my first Russian lesson since 1990 (wow, that's 18 years...longer than I thought!). My lesson was with a wonderful lady from Moscow named Emilia. She's funny and smart and very nice. I liked her so much!

Most of the lesson, Emilia spoke in Russian. I'm sure I had an intense look of concentration on my face. It was challenging to understand everything, but I got most of it. She told me funny stories and scary stories (like having contractions at the top of the Eiffel Tower!) and things about her life. She's very interesting and has been many places.

I came home with a test to take (I took it last started easy, then got hard, then harder!), all in Russian, of course, and another worksheet to do.

I was actually physically exhausted after having my brain work so hard yesterday!

Russian is a difficult language, but very beautiful and mysterious. I'm so excited to be relearning it!

Monday, October 6, 2008

War: What is it Good For?

Some of you might not like Republicans because they seem to support war more than that other party (or parties). Some of you may be tree-hugging, peace 'n' love, give peace a chance types, and I love you all.

But if it weren't for war, we'd all be speaking either German, Russian (well, okay, I aleady do, but so would you!), Chinese or Arabic as our first language. We wouldn't own our own houses or be free to speak our minds. We'd be skinny, because overeating would certainly not be an option. I guess that would be one plus.

I adore the Dalai Lama, I seriously do. I read his writing and ponder his thoughts. I admire him. I'm sorry the Chinese invaded his land and drove out his peaceful people. I'm sorry they've had to live in India all these many years. I'm sorry those who stayed behind are abused by the Chinese. But is his peaceful stance helping? Is allowing China to invade and bully them helping anyone? Is it helping YOU? Because it's not helping me.

I'm not saying I want anyone to start a war with China. That idea scares the crap outta me. And there's no way little Tibet could take on the big mean Chinese government all alone. But seriously. China starts with Tibet; how long until they move on and invade someone else?

I'm not saying war is the answer to all the world's problems, I promise, I'm not. But if some other country decided mine was just scrumptious and wanted it for themselves, you better believe I would be calling up our military. I would take up arms myself. I would do whatever necessary to protect my family, my friends, my country.

And if it were politically necessary to help another country overthrow a tyrranical, abusive leader, I would do that, too. I would support that. Especially if it gave us a "way in" to that area of the world to try to help abolish terrorist fronts.

I can see how someone living a safe and peaceful life could see war as a bad thing that needs to be gotten rid of. But having served in military intelligence and having seen the "behind the scenes" of what other countries do when they think we aren't looking, I KNOW that we need to keep a strong military. War is sometimes necessary.

Do you think that if war were suddenly abolished, terrorist activity would cease? Do you think another Hitler wouldn't eventually rise? Not 'til the millenium, my friends. Not 'til then.

So until Jesus Himself comes to reign again on Earth, I want a leader with roots in the defense of our country. I want a leader who pays attention to what goes on behind the scenes.

McCain in '08!

31 Days of Horror

That's a cool website for people living in the Valley (Phoenix Valley, that is) that lists Halloween events (like Haunted Houses and such) going on in our area. Whoo hoo!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Democrats Ruined Our Country

I have to say, I love getting email forwards about politics, politicians, the economic crisis, the upcoming elections, etc. I don't care if it's true, false, funny, crude, whatever. I'll take it. It makes me investigate. It makes me search deeper. It makes me ponder. It makes me laugh, cry, snort, huff, giggle (oh come on, leave Sarah Palin's glasses alone!). And it lets me know that people are involved. I like these things. If I've offended anyone by sending them on, I apologize.

In this one, please note that the Republicans were attempting in 2004 to impose regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but the Democrats kept it from happening.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hoink! Tagged Again!

Well, dang, I got tagged again! Superhotmama got me while I wasn't looking; no fair! Okay, so here are my rules, and if I've tagged YOU, then these are YOUR rules, too:

If you've been tagged, please play. But if you don't have the time or the inclination, no guilt. Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you and list these rules on your post.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post, by leaving their names, as well as links to their blogs.

4. Comment to the people you've tagged and let them know they've been tagged.

Okie dokie, so here are 7 things you were just itching to know about me:

1. I'm having trouble coming up with something since I tend to "let it all hang out" on my blog without any prompting from a meme.

2. I am struggling with gay marriage. Please don't hate me for this one; I'm just telling it how I see it and if you see it differently, believe me, I've already thought about it. So don't yell at me or leave mean comments! Anyway, from studying the Bible and other historical data, I conclude that marriage was ordained of God and is something between one man and one woman. Anything other than that, by definition, is not marriage. If someone is not Christian and doesn't give a hoot that marriage is ordained of God (or doesn't know, or doesn't even believe in God in the first place), I can see how that person would be upset that marriage isn't an umbrella term covering homosexuals and any other group. However, we Christians who believe that living outside the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings immorality, loss of ethics, and other negative impacts on the world, have to uphold our promise to support the Gospel in every way. We also have to follow Christ's commandment to "Love one another." Now, if you THINK you're familiar with the Gospel and start naming off things like slavery and such (Barak Obama, I see from your statement on why the government can't be run on Biblical principals that YOU DO NOT KNOW THE BIBLE or the Gospel of Jesus Christ), then I say to you: get thee to a church that actually teaches the Gospel of Christ (love, obedience to His commandments, etc.) and not one that teaches hellfire, negativity, hatred, etc. I recommend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because they teach the pure love of Christ, and they have ALL the Gospel and can answer just about any question you could come up with. They walk the walk that Christ laid out. Period. That's why I joined that Church 17 years ago. So, now that I'm bumbling around with my thoughts and have lost all my readers (are you still reading this? I don't blame you if you aren't!), what I'm trying to say is this: I have gay friends. I love them. I love Ellen Degeneres and think she's super cool. I love the Lord over everyone and everything and choose to follow his commandments and SUPPORT his commandments. Therefore, I have to support marriage as being ordained of God for a man and a woman. There's oh so much more I want to say, but I'm not that brave!

3. I think receding hairlines are hot. I do. I know.... And Todd's hairline is beginning to recede. Don't worry, honey, it's HOT!

4. I am going to Ukraine in April (ish) of 2010 with my lovable, adorable, sweet friend April.

5. I do not like hard candy, or chewy candy (like Skittles). I only like chocolate as far as candy goes. And it has to be high quality chocolate, not waxy nasty chocolate like Hershey's. Chocolate from Germany is my favorite, but most of Europe does a great job with it.

6. Monday I am starting refresher Russian lessons with a nice lady from Moscow and I am SUPER EXCITED!

7. I am Finding Serenity Now. More on that later :o)

And I'm going to tag: LISA!, Amy, Allie, Todd

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weird Enough for the Halloween Blog--Fake Babies

Hmmmm. Fake babies that look so real! And these women collect them and love them and smooch on them, put them in car seats, stroll them in strollers, adore them like a real baby. But they don't eat or cry or poop or throw fits (the babies don't; not sure about the women). The definitely don't wake you up at night. This is WEIRD! I want one.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Okay ladies! It's officially October (though October arrived in my head a few days ago...and I think November starts next week) and so it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Here's a cute video in honor of such....