Friday, November 26, 2010


Lack of blogging = Allie in hospital with severe DKA and other issues since Saturday. More later. I hope you are all well and happy. Smooch!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from After Dark { New Orleans }

Last week i spent 5 crazy days in New Orleans, 3 of which were spent shooting photos (see the photog blog).  I went a day early and stayed a day late to have time to hang out with some friends i made in Portland in September.  We had a BLAST!  Bourbon Street didn't know what hit it. 

And the FOOD!  There's no place like Nawlins for food. I ate jambalaya with RABBIT and sausage, SEAFOOD CHEESECAKE (my favorite from the week), crabcakes to die for, and decent gumbo (it was the least exciting of my food adventures, but still pretty good).  I found the BEST PRALINES at Laura's and brought home a dozen for the fam.  And i somehow still managed to lose 2.5 lbs while there.  (We are soooo busy with photography at After Dark). 

It's good to be home.  Now, just to get over this nasty cold. We have a crazy busy weekend coming up!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Adventures at 35,000ft.

So I board my flight from Phoenix to Houston and was two rows behind a dude who had just signed a record deal (as he and his dad had loudly celebrated at their departing huggy wuggy time). It was apparent that Rock Star Dude was one hot mess.

As I took my seat and buckled up, dude got up and staggered down the aisle. He could hardly hold his eyes open as he loudly announced he'd been out drinking 151 all night. When he loudly demanded a stripper, 3 flighties surrounded him and escorted him off the plane. At least he didn't resist.

After takeoff, I watched My Sister's Keeper. At arrival in Houston I disembarked with streaky makeup and a snotty nose. Note to self: no heartwrenching movies on next flight!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

So Long to This Cold, Cold Part of the World

So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this bone bleached part of the world
So long to this cold, cold part of the world
So long to this salt soaked part of the world
I stepped down as president of Antarctica
Can't blame me, don't blame me, don't
So long to this sad, sad part of the world
So long, So long


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Political Prediction: Andrew Cuomo Next President { and The Time I Met Mario Cuomo }

Back in the fall of 1987, my bff Jennifer and I went to New York to stay with her sister.  Her sister took us to Chautauqua (which i'm probably misspelling, but am too tired to check) and on that particular day, a bunch of (now former) Soviet delegates were there, along with Governor Mario Cuomo (whom Jennifer and i worshipped).  We listened to the delegates and Gov. Cuomo speak, and watched afterward as Gov. Cuomo made his departure up the aisle out of the ampitheater. 

Gov. Cuomo turned toward Jennifer and me and noticed my I <3 NY t-shirt and approached us.  He smiled, chatted, shook our hands and was one of the nicest, coolest guys ever (i've told this story before, so if it sounds familiar...).  I asked him if he was going to run for President (that was HUGE topic of debate in the news at the time).  He said no way, and that he could never leave New York. 

Fast forward 23 years, and now his son, Andrew, is the Governor of New York.  I predict that Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be either our next President, or the one after that.  If he wants to be.  If he wants to take on that mess.  And, even though i voted all Libertarian this election, i would probably vote for Andrew Cuomo.  If he's as stand-up a guy as his father, he's already won me over. 

Now, i have to go check the results of the medical marijuana prop in AZ. 

Happy politicing!