Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from After Dark { New Orleans }

Last week i spent 5 crazy days in New Orleans, 3 of which were spent shooting photos (see the photog blog).  I went a day early and stayed a day late to have time to hang out with some friends i made in Portland in September.  We had a BLAST!  Bourbon Street didn't know what hit it. 

And the FOOD!  There's no place like Nawlins for food. I ate jambalaya with RABBIT and sausage, SEAFOOD CHEESECAKE (my favorite from the week), crabcakes to die for, and decent gumbo (it was the least exciting of my food adventures, but still pretty good).  I found the BEST PRALINES at Laura's and brought home a dozen for the fam.  And i somehow still managed to lose 2.5 lbs while there.  (We are soooo busy with photography at After Dark). 

It's good to be home.  Now, just to get over this nasty cold. We have a crazy busy weekend coming up!

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