Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bwaaaaaahahahahahahaha! Sure Cure For a Cough

My 3-year-old crawled up next to me in bed this morning and said:

"I'm going to choke the cough out of you now.  Are you ready?"

I was admittedly a little concerned, but curiosity won in the end.  "Yep, ready!"

Bryce then slapped my left cheek twice. 

"Is it gone?"

I tested.  Nope, cough's still there.

Bryce then proceeded to slap my right boob 8 times.  "Did that fix it?"

I took a deep cough.  "Yep, that did it!"

Bryce sat looking very pleased with himself.  That kid's a doctor in the making, I tell you.

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