Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magical People

In Monterey in 1990, I met a girl named Lisa De Avila.  She radiated light.  She was fun, sweet, positive, outgoing, adventurous, creative, magnetic...think of any positive adjectives and you can most certainly use them in a sentence about Lisa.  Not to say she was perfect; no one is, but if ever there was a magical person that you could be around 24/7 and not feel for a moment anything less than bliss, that was Lisa. 
And guess what?  That is still Lisa! 

I had breakfast with Lisa on Tuesday, after not seeing her for almost 20 years.  Light still shines from her.  She is still creative and smart and amazing.  She makes me want to improve my life, improve myself especially.  And not because she would ever send out the vibe that someone should change, you know what I mean?  You just want to because in Lisa you see the potential for happiness that exists in the world. 

And before I start sounding like a weird stalker, I will just stop there.  Do you know any magical people?  Do they make you want to be more positive or somehow make changes in your life?  I feel so seriously blessed to know one of these special creatures.  She's coming out for some girls' time soon and I just can't wait!

Have the most wonderfully beautiful day ever!


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Anonymous said...

I like your post about magical people, but Lisa is perfect.

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