Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Does Sandi Really Want?

A few months ago I did the "Sandi needs" tag which was pretty funny, so today I decided to Google the words "Sandi wants" to see if the results were as funny as the ones for "Sandi needs." I don't think these are quite as good, but it's nice to get back to goofy:

1. Sandi wants a chat with JFK (ummmm...sure, why not?)

2. Sandi wants the truth. (I do! I really do!)

3. Sandi wants to be the new Bond girl. (I don't! I really don't!)

4. Sandi wants me to pay more in taxes to fund the lunatic spending and corruption that is this city (hmmmm.)

5. Sandi wants you to check out her web site (Well, apparently you already are!)

6. Sandi wants to remind us, we have the opportunity to fall forward when we fall (cuz I care, and people like me)

7. Sandi wants to hear about your most memorable Saturday Night's out (Well? I'm waiting!)

8. sandi wants the truth wrote (and I also want it written)

9. Sandi wants knitting lessons (nah, Russian and cello are enough lessons for me right now!)

10. Sandi wants to offer her support to you (because, again, i care and people like me)

11. Sandi wants you to visit (ummmm. just call first)

12. Sandy wants to propose (I already did; actually I just dragged Todd off to Vegas, but he didn't try to stop me, right?)

13. Sandi wants to say thanks for wishes on her birthday on my space (thank you soooo much!)

Shrug. Your turn. Go see what other "yous" want.

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totally funny!

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