Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introducing the Newest Member of Our Family

Yesterday, the kids' bus was 20 minutes late, so I drove them to school. On the way out of our neighborhood, I saw a sign that read, "Free to good home. 3-month-old Lab." Todd loooooves Labs and I knew he would want this dog, so (even though I really did not want a dog, since it's going to be mostly ME taking care of him and I already have far too much on my plate) I called Todd and told him about the sign. He asked me to call the number. I did and we now have the dog. And despite the fact that I didn't want a dog, he is so darn cute and affectionate, I'm finding him irresistible.

This is Shadow:

Allie loves him:
And Zane loves him so much he even slept next to Shadow so he wouldn't be scared:

He's not house broken yet, so he has to sleep in his crate. I'm a big fan of crate training. Shadow seems to be a very smart dog, so it shouldn't take long. He's already learned "sit" and "down." I'm sure we'll have many happy days with our new addition to the fam.


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4 holla'd back:

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! you are way nice!

April said...

Awwww, sooo cute!!!

Lisa said...

We also have a dog that needs a "good home"...:)
He's a pretty doggie..I love labs...and I am cracking up at the pic of Zane sleeping by classic!
By the way, I love the festive!

Aimes said...

The pic of Zane and Shadow is too cute. What a sweet boy; such innocence (did I spell that right I lose brain cells daily). He really is an irresistable doggie!!

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