Monday, October 6, 2008

War: What is it Good For?

Some of you might not like Republicans because they seem to support war more than that other party (or parties). Some of you may be tree-hugging, peace 'n' love, give peace a chance types, and I love you all.

But if it weren't for war, we'd all be speaking either German, Russian (well, okay, I aleady do, but so would you!), Chinese or Arabic as our first language. We wouldn't own our own houses or be free to speak our minds. We'd be skinny, because overeating would certainly not be an option. I guess that would be one plus.

I adore the Dalai Lama, I seriously do. I read his writing and ponder his thoughts. I admire him. I'm sorry the Chinese invaded his land and drove out his peaceful people. I'm sorry they've had to live in India all these many years. I'm sorry those who stayed behind are abused by the Chinese. But is his peaceful stance helping? Is allowing China to invade and bully them helping anyone? Is it helping YOU? Because it's not helping me.

I'm not saying I want anyone to start a war with China. That idea scares the crap outta me. And there's no way little Tibet could take on the big mean Chinese government all alone. But seriously. China starts with Tibet; how long until they move on and invade someone else?

I'm not saying war is the answer to all the world's problems, I promise, I'm not. But if some other country decided mine was just scrumptious and wanted it for themselves, you better believe I would be calling up our military. I would take up arms myself. I would do whatever necessary to protect my family, my friends, my country.

And if it were politically necessary to help another country overthrow a tyrranical, abusive leader, I would do that, too. I would support that. Especially if it gave us a "way in" to that area of the world to try to help abolish terrorist fronts.

I can see how someone living a safe and peaceful life could see war as a bad thing that needs to be gotten rid of. But having served in military intelligence and having seen the "behind the scenes" of what other countries do when they think we aren't looking, I KNOW that we need to keep a strong military. War is sometimes necessary.

Do you think that if war were suddenly abolished, terrorist activity would cease? Do you think another Hitler wouldn't eventually rise? Not 'til the millenium, my friends. Not 'til then.

So until Jesus Himself comes to reign again on Earth, I want a leader with roots in the defense of our country. I want a leader who pays attention to what goes on behind the scenes.

McCain in '08!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

you are awesome! so well said!

me too!

Anonymous said...

The war against terror will be a constant in our lives and for every generation to come. Radical Islam wants all free societies to be destroyed-and that is sugar coating it. We will always be at war-whether it is with terrorists at home or abroad, whether it is with sovereign nations or with radical nations. Once we become complacent and think we are safe-that is when we will be attacked without prejudice and we will be attacked with complete death and hate in mind. There is no way I will ever NOT be vigilant-for my family, for my country, for my children. Get to know your neighbors, Get to know who lives in your community and be vigilant towards crime, hate, drugs-all that garbage deserves a war on the community level.
America is in the business of kicking butt, and business is good-we just have to remember that war will never end as long as America is the most FREE society in the world and we let people live their lives and express themselves with complete freedom. I might not agree with everyone, but I fight in the Air Force for their rights as Americans to do whatever they want to do with their lives within the laws of the land. I also fight for the freedoms of all the free countries around the world to also have a future and a joyous life free of religious, political, or any other persecution.

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