Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Weird Enough for the Halloween Blog--Fake Babies

Hmmmm. Fake babies that look so real! And these women collect them and love them and smooch on them, put them in car seats, stroll them in strollers, adore them like a real baby. But they don't eat or cry or poop or throw fits (the babies don't; not sure about the women). The definitely don't wake you up at night. This is WEIRD! I want one.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

i was JUST telling my sister in law i would be satisfied to not have a new baby if i had a doll. and just held it sometimes, bought clothes for it. and dressed it. I COULD BE THOSE LADIES! pathetic. but RAD! yeah if it was between having a new real baby and buying a doll? tough choice.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Putting babies in and out of carseats is the worst! It makes every trip take forever! What are those nuts thinking? Leave the dollies at home! Get a sitter.

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