Friday, September 12, 2008


I read once that the anagram of your name can reveal a lot about you. I anagramed "Barak Obama" this morning, but of course, the anagrams all came back in Arabic, so I can't read them. I'm sure they would traslate to things like, "If this man is elected President of the United States, quickly pack your bags and move to Canada." That's my plan, anyway. Sorry to jump ship, but I have to protect my family.

So then I anagramed my name (using Sandi instead of Sandra) and here are some that stood out and my interpretation of them:

Sardine Mill (hopefully I don't smell that bad)
Mandril Isle (this will surely be the title of my first cheap romance novel)
Dismal Liner (don't sail on that one; my first cheap horror novel?)
Island Miler (a race I would like to run?)
Land Slimier (oops...don't step in that!)
Damn Sillier (no denying that one)
Manlier Lids (why do you think I love makeup so much?)
Airmen Dills (yes, I was an Airman, but what's with the herbs & spices?)
Marines Dill (yes, I dated some Marines, but I don't think it's appropriate to talk about pickles right now)
Marlin Delis (I've never eaten marlin; can you find it at a deli?)
Marlins Lied (damn them! never trust a marlin)
Mall Insider (well, yeah, but I have a 14-year-old; it can't be helped)

Okay, so now go play with the anagram generator; it's fun! Let me know what deep dark secrets it revealed about you:

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Anonymous said...

So when are you moving?

sandi said...

October 1st, since we lost our home to foreclosure since Mr. Obama's plan to save people's homes is also not working.

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