Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stuck in a Perspective

As I lay face-down on my NSA (what is it? click HERE) practitioner(Dr. Mike)'s table yesterday evening allowing him to facilitate the release of great amounts of tension from my body, a thought meandered into my mind: "Why have I allowed myself to remain stuck in this unpleasant perspective for so long?"

And I really don't know. It's a habit I have, I guess, or perhaps I want to wallow around in the suffering with the rest of humanity before rising once again above it (the suffering, not humanity).

Our thoughts really do create our world, our perception of reality.

All I know is that I occasionally find myself perceiving the world as a big dangerous place with despair around every corner and it becomes really easy to just stay home and avoid it all. Even getting to Dr. Mike's office becomes a long and dreadful drive (I do so dislike driving and the stress that goes along with it) and add to that the cost of getting there and back and I have plenty of excuses to just not go.

But going really makes a difference in the quality of my life. And so, the beautiful, wonderful Universe (headed up by a kind and loving Heavenly Father) creates a way for me to get there.

Zane hurt his neck and back while carrying Bryce around last week. He was in loads of pain for a short while, but it was Thursday night and Dr. Mike's office wouldn't open again 'til Monday. By Sunday night, Zane was feeling find, so we both shrugged off a visit to Dr. Mike. Yesterday the school nurse calls. Zane was in there (he never goes to the nurse, ever) having chest pains and tearful. Huh.

I call Dr. Mike then go pick up Zane. I take him to San Tan Urgent Care (we love Dr. Brooks) because it's nearby just to rule out anything more than anxiety. All along, I'm thinking it's anxiety and related to the fact that we blew off Zane's Bryce-related back pain. Dr. Brooks ruled out everything except anxiety and asked us to journal for stressful situations to see if it happened again.

So, on to Dr. Mike later that evening and now both Zane and I feel oh-so-very-much better, not just physically, but about life in general.

There is so much love flowing through the Universe. Why do we sometimes close ourselves down and refuse it? Why do I choose to see and amplify the so-called "negatives" in life and allow darkness to set in? Why do I get stuck in unpleasant perspectives?

I have been so diligent in not allowing any negatives to impose themselves upon my marriage. When I trip over Todd's shoes lying around the house or find a pile of dirty t-shirts hidden in a corner, I have two options, as I see it. First, I can get annoyed and allow that little seed of negativity to plant itself in our marriage (not good, since seeds like to grow once planted), or I can smile at Todd's lack of neatness and find it cute and amusing thereby planting yet another seed of affection and love in our marriage. I've been lucky for the past 4 years to be able to choose to only plant happy seeds and watch more and more love grow for my husband.

Now just to do that in all the other areas of my life. Not to say that there won't be an occasional thorn, but thorns can be plucked off.

What will you grow in your garden?


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Anonymous said...

You've got it right, happy seeds will grow and will make everything better in time...just keep pushing away all the negative BS and wallow in the splendor of positivity that surrounds's much better being happy than being mournful every day and me thinks you know what you're doing and you're living life right!

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