Monday, July 7, 2008


Todd has a clever way with words. He's really very funny, but you have to "get it." He has his own style of humour and it just cracks me up. He makes up words, too. Like if you take an everyday word, and simply add "-iferous" to the end, you have a Todd word. Like, orangeiferous or splendiferous. He says it's Greek Mythology. Ummm, it's not.

When we were camping on the rim a couple months ago, Todd was telling ghost stories to the kids. One was about a woman whose daughter, Mona, was lost in the forest and never found. The mom would roam the woods at night calling "Monnnnaaaaa." You know, in that spooky ghost voice. So a little while after telling the story, it was quiet in the tent and Todd starts going, "Monnnnaaaa..." but the kids weren't impressed. Undaunted, Todd lets out into the darkness, "Moniferous," and I start laughing and can't stop. At that point, I'm about to pee my pants but it's too cold to leave the tent.

Todd also comes up with great ideas and sayings. Over the 4th of July weekend, we had to go to Greer so Todd could work on the furnace/air conditioning system for the cabin his sister and her in-laws are building. It was long work and I was really tired of keeping Bryce out of trouble. Jerilyn (Erin's mom in law) stopped to thank us for sacrificing our weekend for them and said she knows they don't reward us much, but hopefully we'll get rewarded in Heaven. Todd replies, (I love this) "If we don't get into Heaven, I guarantee I'll cool down Hell." Again, I could not stop laughing. I love having a husband who makes me laugh daily. I would not trade him for all the Manolos in the world.

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