Monday, July 7, 2008

Japanese Water Fueled Car

I LOVE Japan and the Japanese people. The two years I lived there were so amazing; I would live there now if I could afford it! I always tell people that the technology there would blow your mind. Their electronics: video games, cell phones, tv's, etc., are all at least 10 or more years ahead of ours. I saw a Game Cube there in 1991...when were they released here? 2001? Something like that. Anyway, now they're fueling cars with good old H2O, and no, it's not a hoax. They're just that darn smart!!!!

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Admin said...

I want one!! And can I get it in that super cute teeny tiny size so that I don't have to take the kids with me when I run errands?! Sorry kids, no room. :P

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