Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Speaking of Manolos

I suffer from an affliction. (Which one, you ask? haha, very funny, you!) You see, I was born with a natural attraction to the finer things in life. Those Manolos I mentioned a couple posts down? Something in me just tingles at the thought. Those black Manolos on the left there? $1,095.00 Yes, a sweet grand for a pair of shoes. I could live with the absolutely adorable Betsy Johnson's (the blue and the pink/leopard) which come in at just under $200 each. But those aren't in my budget either. There was a time in my life that I could afford a little luxury and I had a couple of Betsy Johnson dresses, but I've yet to live as large as I would like. And that's okay, totally okay. I have all the "things" I need: a house, a car, food (well, most weeks), running water, electricity, and most importantly, a family I adore. But I still have that inexplicable attraction to pretties and sparklies.
Did I mention Hidalgo rings? Yum! Ed Hardy, Dolce, Bb, organic foods, fine furniture, you name it, if it's expensive I will naturally navigate toward it. Of course I don't indulge in these things; I have kids to feed and medical bills to pay off. And if I have to confess, sometimes it makes me sick the way I'm drawn to these things. But honestly, if I did have a buttload of money, I would so rather spend it on someone else. I volunteer for a lot of things, and have an itch to start a charity for people with type 1 diabetes who can't afford medical coverage or the cost of staying alive with that disease (which is about $400 a month, yes, really!). So, please do a couple of things for me. Visualize that I'm filthy stinking rich. And secondly, if you see a rich lady with size 5 feet throwing out her old Manolos, grab 'em for me!

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Crazymamaof6 said...

i have expensive taste too! but i also live in reality, doesn't that suck! my clothing and shoe size also help since no FABULOUS designers make stuff in my sizes. that curbs it pretty quick, but doesn't help when it comes to jewelry or purses. then my husband reigns it in. so i live in my financial reality too. damn it!

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