Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Flies While I Stand Still

A & Z are coming home...tomorrow! How did this sneak up on me so fast? I had so many projects planned to get done during the 6 weeks they were away, like paint their bathroom, clean their rooms--thoroughly, have the pantry stocked, the house entirely organized, and grass in the backyard.

Of all that, what I accomplished in those 6 weeks is...nothing. Yesterday I taped the bathroom to prep it for paint and Todd & I painted 3 stripes before going to bed last night. Crapstain. We would've had the grass but got sidetracked by trying to regain some of our backyard that was stolen by the graders (long story).

So, the house isn't like GROSS or anything, but it's not where I want it to be. So, this morning I get up and start picking up Bryce's stickers which decorate at least 2 rooms in the house at any given moment. I thought that would motivate me to vacuum which would in turn motivate me to scrub the kitchen/nook floors. Nah, didn't work. I really just want to lie on the couch and read while Bryce watches Thomas and pushes trains around the tracks.

So I decide to visit FlyLady and see if I could find some inspiration there. What did I see upon landing on her webpage? The question of whether I had made plans for date night. DATE NIGHT?! Now there's a concept. I think Todd & I are the only people I know who don't do date night. We suck!

So, I resolve to blow off cleaning the house and begin to search for a babysitter. Wait, I just paid the mortgage; no money left for a babysitter...or a date night. Crapstain.

Okay, so back to cleaning the house. A & Z will be home tomorrow and they can watch Bryce next weekend while Todd & I have datenight. Wait, now that I think about it, they can clean the house, too! It's good for them, right?! Of course it is. I mean, I'll pay them, sheesh. Hmmm; they might also enjoy painting the bathroom, so I may as well leave that for them, too.

Sweet! I suddenly feel so organized and all set for tomorrow. While means right now, I can lie on the couch and read!

I love it when things work out like that.

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Crazymamaof6 said...

we totally don't go out on dates either. who has money for that? we are waiting until one of the siblings is old enough.

excellent plans on the cleaning, and babysitting , and painting. WHOOHOO
work is good for them!

SO what are you reading?
i am a fan of passive parenting.
i do my thing while they entertain themselves. it's healthy!
have a fab evening! put him to bed early and pretend you are dating. WHOOHOO!
we had a date the othernight in the kitchen making new playlists. it felt really date-ish. he agreed.

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