Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goofing off on "D"-Day

Allie's having a D-Day today. In other words, we're having a bit of a challenge getting her blood glucose in range. We haven't been able to get it below 200 for about five days (and she's spent a lot of time in the 300's and 400's and even a 571! It should be around 120, by the way) and have been sending readings to the hospital for advice on adjusting. I get nervous when we have to increase her insulin by such extreme numbers. So, here we are, stuck at home with high blood sugar and multiple injections of insulin. Instead of taking a D-Day in my typical fashion (hiding in my closet and crying), Allie & I decided to just hang out and...ROCK OUT and just be goofy. Allie sends a shout out and says, "MIKEY FLIPPIN' WAY!" to all her peeps! Enjoy the clips of our D Day!

NOTE: The video and soundtracks are off, so it looks like she's "string synching" but that's really Allie playing!

Allie drops her pick in this one...teehee

My goofball....

Never trust grapes in a bowl....

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Admin said...

I LOVE Allie's outfit! She is seriously the cutest, funnest, sweetest, smartest kid EVER!

Lisa said...

That video of Bryce is classic....yeah definitely no grapes at your house!

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