Monday, April 28, 2008

Allie Publishes Book

As some of you know, Allie is an incredibly gifted writer. A couple years ago or so, she wrote her first book, The Secret of Bathroom Three. We looked into sending it a publisher, but found out that publishers don't accept manuscripts for childrens' have to have an agent. So, we wrote to agent after agent, each of who said they either weren't taking on new clients or they dealt with a different genre.

So, Allie has decided to go through a self-publishing site,, to get her book out there. Here's the link where you can buy your very own copy!

Allie gets a small amount of money for each paperback ordered (and a slightly larger amount for downloaded copies).

Be sure to tell all your family, friends, and friends' friends! This could get Allie the attention her writing needs to get into the publishing houses! :o)

Thanks for your support!

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Admin said...

So fun!! I can't wait to read my copy when it comes! Way to go Allie!

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