Thursday, April 24, 2008

Creature in Our Backyard

Last night around 10 the dog started barking like crazy (he was supposed to be inside, asleep, but Allie hadn't put him to bed, so he was still outside in the backyard). Allie went to call him in, but Wuzzle just kept barking and scurrying around some mysterious dark form. Finally, a creature of some sort kind of spread itself out in the corner, clinging to the block fence. It's so dark in that corner even with the back light on, we couldn't tell what it was. Todd was in bed and kept saying it was just a cat. This was definitely not a cat. It looked like a little trollish, weird creature, dark and oddly shaped, the way it was pressed against the wall that way.

Finally, Todd gets up to take a look and he still insists it's a cat. No no, I say, a cat would've been over the wall by now. Allie and Zane were peeking out the family room door, Todd was just outside our bedroom door on the patio, and I was leaning out our bedroom door.

So then the creature moved away from the wall and we all got a good look at it and moved back into the house quickly, the kids shrieking. Okay, so was I.

It was a SKUNK!

And OF COURSE Wuzzle got sprayed. Allie finally got him inside and washed him. I don't know if he still stinks as of this morning, and I don't intend to find out. I just hope we don't get any more night visitors.

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Lisa said...

Okay, so for the first order of business....creepy...skunks...yuck!
And on to the next order....I love seeing what will be next on your're so talented girl!
Do you like that book you're reading?

Admin said...

Oh my gosh - sooo crazy!! Where did it come from? Are you really that close to "nature" out there?!

By the way, I love the music on your blog - especially the baby does the day feel long song. It's beautiful. :) She reminds me of Jewel.

sandi said...

Okay, I don't know how that skunk even got into our yard, since it's pretty much blocked off so the dog can't get out! YUK!

Isn't Devon great? She grew up on a hippie commune and quit school when she was 17 to pursue her musical career. Her husband, Paul, is great too...there's a song on here with both of them. I used to have their CD's but lost them when we moved (which time?). I'll have to download them from iTunes.

And, Lis, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the book, American Gods, but wouldn't recommend it to any Molly's. Neil Gaiman has been a favorite of mine since back in the Sandman Graphic Novel days (I still have mine, from like 15 years ago). His writing amazes me at every turn. How he comes up with these fantastical storylines, then uses this imagery that so clear you feel like you're there--scary, but oh so good!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's the worst animal I would like to encounter in my backyard-I'd rather see a mountain lion or something easy like that...hope the smell is easily washed away.

sandi said...

A mountain lion!?!? I think I would prolly pee if I had a mountain lion in my yard!

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