Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sandi with Posh Hair?

Right now, my hair is a few inches longer than in the picture below (which was taken at our wedding reception four years ago). I've been growing my hair out since Allie's 5th birthday (1998, so about 10 years), and I get sooooooooooo boooooored with it once in a while that I'm tempted to cut it short! I'm going through one of those bored phases right now and was wondering what I'd look like with Victoria Beckham's hair (even though I had that cut in 1998 before I started growing it out, but it wasn't blond...and I can't find any pix of it!).

Prepare to giggle

I look absolutely awful with short hair! Isn't that hilarious? I didn't do too good a job PhotoShopping my face into Posh's hair, but who has time for that? It's done well enough to convince me NOT to cut my hair! ROFL!!!!!

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Admin said...

Hehehe HA hahaha! That is awesome! But I do want to know why in the world you would even consider cutting your hair?! It's gorgeous!! I wish my hair looked like yours! :P

Lisa said...

Whatever girl! You're hot either way!
By the way, I emailed you, but I got back on the computer just now and realized it didn't go through! So...anyway....
We had an absolute great time over yonder! It was beautiful...minus the humidity...but who cares when you're on the beach! The people were super nice and very hospitable! We loved it over there! We only ventured off to see the lighthouse in Hateras and to see the naval base in Norfolk.....which was cool...minus the lame tour! Anyway...good times!
***Just a side note.....Bryce is so stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

Keep to the long, blonde, highlighted locks and you'll be fine - if you want a change, just dye it black, that might look

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