Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Bloggidy Break

Oh crapstain, I miss you, my dear blog (and readers!). I have been sooooo super busy since re-starting my photog business. There's hardly time to sleep, let alone blog! I've been shooting pix, fussing with light, dusting off my Photoshop skills, and working on our new website. Here, you can take a little sneak peek at it, but remember: it's NOT DONE! This is just the skeleton...much more coming in the weeks ahead! Much! Some very fun stuff, indeed, including a beautiful bride in a big red monster truck! WHOO HOO!

Anyway, website here:

2 holla'd back:

Anonymous said...

OMG... I think the bride on a monster truck is sooo cool! I would do that!

Love the site! Great job! Very proud of you!


Marci said...

I love the title of your blog and the title of this post! You are quite clever and have a cute blog. Glad I stumbled upon it while reading C Jane!

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