Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Atheism is NOT a Religion (Duh)

i've been in the most insane discussion the past couple days with people who insist atheism is a religion. the only reason i can even fathom for them to have such a strong need to believe that, is...well, actually, i can't come up with a reason. why they need (and it's obviously some sort of psychological need) to believe that is truly beyond me. i don't consider myself an atheist, although i suppose that "technically" i am, because the gods of today are as mythical to me as the gods of the previous millennia. there's no need to say i don't believe in a god, b/c the notion is completely irrelevant and ridiculous to me.

Bill Maher, as usual, cracks me up while making his point, this one on the reason atheism is not a religion.

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