Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Friday was Bryce's birthday! He's now 2 years old; I guess I should stop calling him my "baby." And I suppose weaning is in the very near future, although I don't think either one of us is completely ready for that. I did stop him from nursing at night; 2 years without a full night's sleep was making me a bit wonkier than usual.

Thursday night, we had a special task to accomplish. Todd had to put together a train table and I had to put the tracks together, all while keeping Bryce away from it.

Then Friday morning, Bryce helped me make cake batter. As you can see, he was the taste tester. He also cleaned the spatula for me, haha.

Once Allie, Zane and Todd were home Friday evening, we had a little family party for Bryce with yummy home-made pizza, cake and ice cream. Then Bryce got to open presents! We got him a couple of books (he looooves books, don't know where he gets that from, haha)... and a wooden puzzle with various modes of transportation (his favorite, trucks, airplanes, etc.).

Then it was time for the grand finale! Bryce was sort of dumb-struck when he walked into his room and saw a big wrapped up heap on the floor. He pulled the wrapping paper off and stared at the train table for a minute before starting to play. He's disassembled the tracks a couple times already, and it's not easy to get them to fit back together with the Knapford Station integrated in there. Lots of work for mom! But so fun to watch Bryce play with this; every time we go to Barnes & Noble or his doctor, both of which have the train set, it's hard to pull him away. Now he has his own! This morning when Todd took Bryce into his room to change his diaper (yes, he still sleeps with us; I know, we're the biggest push-overs in the Universe), Bryce looked at the train set and squeeled and started kicking as though he had forgotten it was could've all just been a really cool dream!

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