Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day in the Woods

For Memorial Day, we took a short trip up to Payson and stayed at Ponderosa Campground (actually east of Payson). It was so nice to be back in the forest, hiking and discovering the local flora.

The sites at the campground were enormous, which was great. We had room for our tent with plenty of room left over to put up the bad minton net. There was a fire pit and a picnic table. The site was so roomy we weren't right on top of the "neighbors." It was a fun time, but cold at night.

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Admin said...

So fun! I didn't know that you went up there last weekend too! Wasn't it, uh... okay, it was freezing and kind of miserable... but it looks like you had some fun anyways. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Man loves fire, man loves nature - takes us men back to the good 'ol dayz when a club was something we could carry around for fun and food...hunter/gatherer dayz - Good Times!

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