Sunday, February 15, 2009

Want Some Free Photography?

So I used to own a small commercial photography business attached to my web design/graphics business back in Virginia. This was before the days of digital cameras. I had a nice set of Contax cameras and lovely Zeiss lenses. They now sit collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. No since in shooting film cameras these days.

In this nutty economy, I have a need to bring in some income. So of course, the only thing I really want to do is photography. But to make any money, you have to shoot people (with the camera, I mean). So, I've been studying people pictures and posing and processing and such. Now I just need a good camera in my hands and an upgrade to my decrepit copy of PhotoShop.

I thought I would use our tax refund this year to buy a pro-grade camera and the few other necessities I would need to start a business. But, my medical and other bills had other ideas. (There goes the trip to Virginia, too...sorry old friends...maybe next year :o( I miss you!)

So now I'm asking the world at large to help a girl out. I know most of you are strapped, too, but if there's anyone reading this who can spare a dime, or a dollar, or heck, a thousand, I've put a handy dandy Donate button on the right sidebar of my bloggidy blog to help me gather funds to start my business up.

If you donate anything at all, I will mention you on my photography website (as soon as it's up). If you donate $3,000 (and live locally), I will give you free photo sessions for the rest of our lives. Yes, the rest of our lives! If you donate $1500, I will give you free photo sessions for the next 3 years. If you donate $100, I will deduct $100 from your first photo session and package. (Photo sessions include the sitting, processing, and digital copies for you to have printed as much as you like--for the $3000 and $1500 donation only).

Let the donating begin!

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Anonymous said...

I just sent you a little money! Good luck and stay strong!

Suggestion: Put an add on Craigs list and check out local schools. Lots of college aps need pics. Also check local churches and flower shops.. they will have info about upcoming weddings. I would also say that you will take pics of family pets.. everyone will love that! See if you can do a website and then forward it to all the wedding places in your area...might also want to check out some fancy restaurants...would make for a nice "dinner package".

Good luck!


It's a great life! said...

Sounds like we have opposite problems - Kerry bought me a ridiculously nice camera for Christmas (Nikon D300) that I have really enjoyed but really don't have the knowledge to make good use of, you have and abundance of knowledge and need a good camera, life has its little ironies doesn't it? Well, I am no excess funds but if you ever want to use the camera, I would be happy to let your borrow it. Then perhaps you can show me how to actually use the camera?

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