Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes, I Jiggle While I Wiggle

As you may know (since I mention it every 5 minutes), I started running again on Jan. 1 after a 3-year + break. I haven't lost any weight yet (actually, I've gained a pound), but feel like I'm starting to tone up a little. Still, I have a spare tire around the middle, quite a significant one, actually. Remember that old commercial, "Can you pinch an inch?" Well, I can easily pinch 4.

So yesterday, I was out for a 4-mile run (which is still hard, even after running the 10K last Saturday), and as I ran, an amusing thought came to me.

It was this: After a few miles of running, my vanity goes out the window. And that struck me as hilarious and I almost had to laugh aloud.

The weather was perfect as I ran--sunny and warm. A lot of my neighbors and friends were outside as I ran...the Nortons, Krista, Adele, Greg, Russell, lot of kids, and even the Missionaries were strolling through the 'hood.

So for the first couple miles, as I would pass someone, I would suck my gut in out of embarassment, trying to hide the Jello-like jiggling going on around my midsection. (Vanity is so funny that way).

Then, once I hit that wall of pain around mile 3, all vanity flew out the window. My focus shifted from trying to look better, to trying to RUN better. The gut relaxed and jiggled freely in the breeze. I heard one neighbor say, sort of to himself, "That remind me: I need to check the tires on the truck." And a couple of kids ran alongside me and told me what they wanted for Christmas.

Hmmmm. Wonder what that was about.

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Unknown said...

Okay, you are one of the most hilarious people that I know. But....I totallly get it. All vanity indeed goes out the window when you think you might not be able to breath.

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