Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hotties vs. Power tools

I was driving to northeast Mesa to pick Allie up from a friend's house last Saturday and was listening to NPR's show, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" I love that show. Anyway, one of the items that had been in the news that week was the finding that when men look at tools, the same part of their brain is stimulated as when they look at pictures of scantily clad women.
Just think of the implications of that!
Can't get your man in the mood? Slip a tool catalogue on the nightstand! Or better yet, strap on a toolbelt! Carry a hammer around, slung provocatively over your shoulder.
Not married? Can't get the guy to commit? Buy him some tools! Competing with another woman for a hot guy's attention? Start wearing tight fitting t-shirts with tool logos on the front...double whammy!
Ohhh yes, ladies. I think this new information could be very useful for us. Very useful indeed!

2 holla'd back:

Crazymamaof6 said...

so that is why i always got hit on, when i worked at the hardware store?
more pervs shop there than i can say.

i always thought it was my tight fitting shirts.

Unknown said...

Danjee likes his powerdrill on my waist with a sledge hammer in my hand. It makes him CRAZY!!! The icing on the cake is when I wear his construction hard hat too.:-)

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