Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Winning and Losing

It's good to win, but sometimes it's okay to lose, too. Like weight. I'm trying to lose weight. I want to lose 5 lbs. in 2 weeks (make that 11 days). We're taking the kids on a little trip. I can't say where, in case they read this, and I really want it to be a surprise. This is our "we're losing it all, so let's take a vacation!" trip. More on that later. Just know I'm smiling. And thinking of Depression glass.

Am I digressing? Of course! It's me...what else would you expect?

Anyway, my mom has been an antique collector and refinisher most of her life. She's amazingly talented at it. She has a breathtakingly beautiful China cabinet with intricate scroll work and dragon heads and it is FILLED with Depression and other antique glass. I borrowed this pic from Glass Menagerie . My mom has most of the pieces in this picture:

Which leads me to my mom. As most of you know, my dear friends, Mom and I have had a tumultuous relationship. We have gone weeks without speaking. We have offended and taken offense. But all that is neither here nor there. She is my mom. And some day I will lose her.

And right now that's making me sad. Just thought I'd say.

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Unknown said...

You're on my mind a lot!!! Hope you are doing good. I am glad you are going on a trip with the chitlins. Where are you going? Keep your head up sister. You have lots of people that love you and that includes.....ME!!!

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