Thursday, June 4, 2009

Disneyland Story--Part 1

Oooookay; here we go. This first set of pics is from our hotel and the Disney District (shopping area right outside Disneyland and California Adventure). The pics from inside Disneyland are still on my little point and shoot camera since I had no intention of lugging the big dog around the park.

Okay, so...

This first pic us just chillin' by a fountain on the District. By the way, I detest (REALLY detest) crowds and waiting in line. So, we did 5 days at Disney and stayed in the Disney Grand California Resort and Spa (a heavenly adventure in itself) and took our time doing little bits of Disneyland and California Adventure at a time, rather than trying to rush it all in within a day or two. It was very nice that way.

Catal and Uva Bar have the BEST food, House of Blues came in second (Pulled pork bbq sandwich and sweet potato fries--heavenly!). Jazz Kitchen Express...gross. Sorry, but hydrogenated oil just gets an instant thumbs down from me.

Zoots being Zoots in front of yet another fountain. I love love love all the fountains on the District.

More of the district. The weather was nice, but we rarely had any blue skies, hence the white yukky skies in most of the pics. hehe

Allie, doing her thing (shopping).

Todd and Bryce had fun running around and dancing to the ever-playing music on the district. Oh, the pizza at Naples is good.

This is part of the lobby at the Disney Grand:

Our room overlooked the District (I wouldn't have it any other way!) and from our balcony every night we watched the fireworks:

which were great!

More pics coming soon...!

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I love the Grand California Hotel!!!! Lucky! Fun pics.

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