Monday, June 22, 2009

My iPod Addict

So, for marketing purposes and other business related purposes, I got an iTouch (great for having a portfolio of your work to show on the fly!), not to mention keeping your contacts list in, etc.
So anyway, of course, you can download tons and tons of games and other apps, many of the free.
Bryce discovered preschool games and will not let go of my iPod. If it's out of his sight, he'll yell, "Where's my iPod?" ROFL!

What's sad is that he uses it better than i do! Little stinker!

2 holla'd back:

The Hoot-Owl Harangue said...

Bryce is such a CUTIE! Thanks for making my day and writing on CRAPSTAIN! holla!

Aimes said...

So cute!! I think I'm going to get everyone in my family one for Christmas. I figure if Bryce being 2 can do it we can too!! Great marketing. They should pay you guys, then Bryce could get his own!!! LOL.

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