Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gila Monster in My Bathtub

So I woke at 3 this morning because I heard something in my bathtub.  It's a very distinctive sound when something's moving in your bathtub...you know what I mean...that hollow-ish sound, and the scrapey-scratchy sound of the textured bottom. 

I lay there wondering what it could be.  A mouse?  A rattlesnake?  A GILA MONSTER?  (This is my brain at 3 a.m.)

Finally around 4, seeing that sleep had no plans of returning to finish out it's shift, I carefully approached the bathroom and turned on the light.  No mouse.  No rattlesnake.  No gila monster. 

Just a random sound (so I'm telling myself), my imagination, and 3-a.m. brain.

But it could've been a gila moster.  You just never know.

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Amy said...

I love this post. I am an "hardcore" insomniac (sleep therapists word - not mine) so this is an experience I have at least once a week. Not a Gila monster in by bathtub specifically but hearing weird noises and having my mind go to the most bizarre or horrific scenario. Last week I was awakened to what I thought was the sound of two little girls crying. I got up to investigate behind my apartment. I didn't see anything. In the morning, in a more alert state, I knew that the familiar noise I'd heard was most likely mating cats. (Have you ever heard that? It sounds awful.)

Anyway, good luck with your Gila monster. Better that than a mouse!

Anonymous said...

I would have freaked out!


sandi said...

YES! Cats mating is the scariest thing I've ever heard! I heard one in the middle of the night when I lived out in the country (rural VA) and it scared me soooo badly! I thought the crazy lady next door was beating her kids and they were wailing.

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