Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Jammie Weather!

Usually in the Valley of the (Blistering, Sweltering, Beat-You-Down-and-Torment-You) Sun, the weather doesn't cool off until Thanksgiving. Seriously, Thanksgiving. We might have a few cool days in the weeks before, but nothing permanent until T-day.

This year brought such a lovely surprise, though. The cool weather arrived almost 2 weeks early, and I am so skip-happy! Back in Virginia, I would call this "sweater weather." That was an appropriate name, because I would snuggle into a big cozy sweater and walk through the forest, kicking up leaves and smelling the smell of fall. It was the ideal time to be outdoors.

Here in the Brown Dirt, it's a slightly different story. There's nothing (other than the cool air itself) to lure me outside when I don't have to be. So, I pretty much live in my jammies and declare this lovely time of year: JAMMIE WEATHER!

Yesterday the doorbell buzzed (our new doorbell buzzes instead of chimes or rings; not sure how I feel about that yet...it's kinda 50's retro or something, so I might like it) and it was the mail lady. She had a "signature-required" package for Jennifer somebody. I told her there was no Jennifer somebody here. She thanked me and then looked over my jammies (it was about 2:30 p.m.) and said, "Sorry I woke you!"


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