Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Cold. But Not THAT Cold.

If you have the great misfortune of being in my close circle of friends, you've probably had the great privilege of enduring my whiney contemplations about moving back to Virginia.  Being not the most patient, let-it-all-unfold type, I've been pushing myself (and Todd) for an answer: stay or go.  We've done the Pro/Cons list, assessed the risks, drilled the kids (to see how much therapy they'll need after moving them across the country for the 4th time), and still have no definitive answer.  Plus, I've been cold to the point of hibernation the last couple weeks, so I'm not even enjoying this 70-degree Arizona winter, so why be here?  So, this morning I turned to what has always helped clear my head:  photographs.  And I came across this photograph of me, taken by Todd on a trip to Virginia in December of 2005:

Arizona's looking better and better all the time.

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Amy said...

Hurry, find a picture of Virginia actually GREEN in the spring and summer! It's only frozen for a few months.

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