Monday, January 11, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I don't usually make New Year's Resolutions.  Mostly because I know I'm not going to keep them anyway, so why put forth the effort of thinking these things up?  This year, however, I made a few resolutions.

#1:  Take more hot bubble baths.  (So far, so good!  I've taken 4 hot bubble baths in the past 10 days and loved every second.)

#2:  Stop being a retard about cutting my hair.  (Check.  Hair is short.)

#3:  Spend more time with hubster and kids.  (So far, so good!  Todd and I are having more date night, the kids and I are doing more things together.  Bryce and I have more park days planned.  Someone gave us a huge airhockey table and we've all been playing together.)

#4:  Get some things I need/want for the business.  (Check.  Alienware computer with 12GB of RAM; 70-200mm f2.8 VRII and a few other small items coming in Feb.)

#5:  Go see my mom.  (Check.  Tickets will be bought in Feb. for our trip at the end of May/early June).

#6:  Be more positive and patient.  (Trying so very hard!  Doing pretty's a process.)

#7:  Eat better.  (So far, bueno.)

And there you have it.  All things I should be doing anyway, so why does it take a new year to get into the game?  Shrug. 

Here are some pics Todd make Saturday evening as a prelude to date night (we went to Costa Vida and chowed...yum!).  Can't see the new haircut toooooo well, but there it is.  I plan on cutting it shorter next month.  Look at me, all daring.  haha.

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Amy said...

Good resolutions. Number 6 would be a doozy for me but I hope you have better luck with it.

I like the new hair. Is it shorter in the back/longer in the front? Or shorter on one side than the other?

sandi said...

Number 6 is going to kick my butt. I'm easily annoyed and a major ranter, so I'm not expecting overnight change or eventual perfection in that matter, but hope to at least be able to keep up the effort. hehe

Yes, the hair is both shorter in the back, and longer in one side. I wish I had gone an inch or so shorter, but there's always next time. I'm thinking a little pink would kick it up a bit, too.

Amy said...

Brave! I would love to do something like that with my hair. I should adopt resolution #2. Pink would be awesome! I would love to see the jaws drop in RS. :-)

sandi said...

I don't think anything I do could shock anyone. They deal okay with my tattoos, and they've seen pics from my Goth days, so I think pink hair would be the least outrageous thing they could expect from me. Goth days post is here:


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