Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eating Habits

I'm not talking about what i eat, but more how i eat it.  It just occurred to me that i'm pretty picky about which foods get eaten with what utensil and from what container. 


Spaghetti must be eaten from a bowl, never a plate.
Cake must be eaten from a bowl with a spoon, with milk poured over.  Otherwise, why bother?
Ice cream must be eaten from an 8-oz. glass (a cup is okay, too, but not plastic).
Actually, i prefer any food in a cup vs. on a plate, if it can be reasonably eaten that way.
If it can't be eaten in a cup, i'll try a bowl before resorting to a plate.
Don't give me a large spoon or fork.  I'll take the kids' sized ones.
Mayo straight from the jar with a spoon?  Yes, please!
Ice ruins drinks (except for liquor, unless it's mixed with juice).
I hate eating at a table.  Couch, floor, bed, standing...anything but a table. 

Conclusion:  i'm weird. 

Happy Festivus!

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sky0138 said...

lolol...i can relate. I agree with eating things out of a cup or bowl...not a fan of plates. Emma and I both have issues with eating sub sandwiches's a whole bread, cheese, lettuce, other veggies, meat, and finally bread. It tastes weird to eat it like a "normal" person. lolol

Amy said...

Ewwwww. Mayo straight?

sandi said...

Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm.

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