Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! I Live in a...Tree! (I'm Using the F Word Here, in Case You Need to Shield Your Clean Brain from It)

Or, i might as well.  But anyway...i just wanted to share this awesome card from my friend Chris: (click it if you can't see it all in my tiny blog space)

Yeah, baby!

So, yeah, happy birthday to me.  I see more piercings and ink in my very near future.  Rock on, mother fuckers!

3 holla'd back:

Chris said...

Hey, yeah, did you ever get any other tattoos in the last decade or so? I remember once you were talking about going to Teresa's parlor in Cville; I don't think she's there anymore. I think my artist got out of the biz altogether after divorcing her husband and selling the studio, so I never have added any more. I hate to start over with someone new.

Speaking of tattoos, want to see some alternately funny/horrifying adults-only artwork? Here ya go, enjoy. Anyone viewing on a work computer, most definitely don't click that link!

What's the story behind that hair, anyway? I meant to ask you that the first time I saw it.

Glad you liked the card, and I hope it was a great birthday!

sandi said...

I haven't gotten any new tattoos since i last saw you. I have a sleeve planned out with characters from Neil Gaiman's Sandman comics. And Hello Kitty really must live somewhere on my skin.

This hair was my hair in high school (except the whole head was spiked and shorter) and so i revisited it for Todd's 80's themed high school reunion a couple months ago. Weeeeee!

Ha! Can't wait to check out the scary tat page you linked up there! (Bracing myself)

Chris said...

I thought I recognized the name Neil Gaiman, so I asked my stepson Anthony if he had any of his stuff. He said he didn't actually own any, but he knew of it and had it on his wish list for next time he's at Atlas Comics. So he was mighty impressed when I told him about your plan for a sleeve!

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