Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finding Forgiveness in the Strangest of Places

I spent the last couple weeks completely absorbed in the HBO series, Big Love. The historical accuracy and portrayal of Joseph's church (both the original [currently known as FLDS] and the altered, modern-day [LDS] as well as some other splinter groups) was impressive. The show really moved me. It actually helped me get to a place i've been yearning to get to for the past few months, one of forgiveness and healing.

While i can't say i feel anything other than pity and empathy for the LDS people for being falsely led, it's a step up from the anger and blame i felt for so many months. I knew intellectually that it wasn't their fault they've been misled by a man with outrageous claims, but i had yet to reach an emotional place of letting it all go.

Big Love helped me do that. Healing can be found in the most interesting of places. Cheers to that.

Cheers to 2012!

4 holla'd back:

Donna Banta said...

Happy New Year Sandi.

sandi said...

Happy New Year, Donna!

sky0138 said...

one of my most favorite shows! So glad you found healing my friend and Happy New Year to you Sandi!

jen said...

I watched Big Love too soon I think... It freaked me out... Glad it brought you healing and peace and forgiveness. <3 Happy New Year!!

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