Friday, January 13, 2012

Mitt Romney is an AssHat

I guess i'm simply jealous of the people in the country who don't have to stress out and worry about how they're going to feed their kids on their husband's $300 paycheck, let alone pay thousands of dollars worth of hospital and dental bills.

Right, Romney. It's just jealousy. Has nothing to do with working our asses off so people like you can own 6 houses, and tear one down because it wasn't big enough. Has nothing to do with wanting to feed our kids at all!


3 holla'd back:

Donna Banta said...

Right Sandi, it's all about jealousy and has nothing to do with fairness. Because if life was fair, Romney would be even richer!

Anonymous said...

MItt Romney is an uber asshat. Anyone who says otherwise is terribly misinformed or buying the propaganda of the billionaires. We're in such trouble. I have no idea what to do.

Chris in San Diego

Anonymous said...

In this era of social networking, there is no reason that America has to choose between just two parties. Both Dems and Republicans have brainwashed society to marginalize the independents. We have an amazing opportunity for real change, if someone credible would just step up.

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