Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween?! Random!

Halloween completely snuck up on me this year; I didn't even decorate my blog. I've just been quite busy. Lots of print orders coming in for Christmas...lots of Temple prints being requested, some prints from the "art for your wall" section of our site, and apparently a big hit for Christmas this year will be boudoir books from wives to hubbies. Great idea! It sure beats a new tie! 

We have nothing spooky planned for Halloween night, but today we are attending an ASU graduation luncheon at My Florist Cafe (I browsed the menu online and it looks sooooo yummmy!).  A client we did grad shots for earlier this month invited us and we are also doing her family's photos this weekend while they are in town.  To top it off, they've invited us to stay at their 7-bedroom house (holy moly!) in Maryland when we go back East in May.  I love it when clients become friends! 


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