Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photography Thoughts and Rants

Rants can sometimes be offensive (and sometimes people will TATTLE on you) so if you don't like rants, divert your eyes, because here it comes!

Oh my holy freaking crapstain are there ENOUGH untrained photographers saturating the market to make you flipping throw up, or what? Their pics all look the same, so you may be confused about the actual number of them out there. THERE ARE FREAKING GAZILLIONS. But you don't know this, because all their photos LOOK THE SAME! They are all shooting the same consumer (not pro) level camera. They all edit the same way (dull and lifeless). They all. Look. the Same. You can find them pretty easily, because they will give you your digital files on a disc! For no extra charge! That may sound appealing to you as a consumer, but that very ethically WRONG and unprofessional practice is HURTING the photography industry. BADLY! It's taking a centuries-old profession and turning it into a freaking circus. Ohhhh I could just pop a vein over it!

Note added Nov. 2:  Not only is it hurting the photographer's market, it's also hurting business for professional print houses.  One of them (I won't say who, but you know who you are!) has even stooped so low as to start selling to end-users under a new name.  It's what they have to do to survive, I know, but guess who forced them into that corner?  That's right! 

And now, on a happier note, I have a lot of portrait sessions on my calendar and a couple of weddings booked as well and this makes me happy.  Just busy enough to not feel guilty about the time taken from my little guy, and busy enough to have the things I want.  I am on the right track, doing it the right way.  People have been saying wonderful things about my work, like, "Sandi, you are the best around, seriously!" and "OMG! So beautiful!" and the like. And this makes me happy. I work my ever-loving BUTT off to make sure my work is unique and high-quality. Let me tell you. And so it just BURNS that very same butt when I see all the untrained, lame photographers out there screwing around with what I hold dear and sacred. Oops, guess I wasn't quite done ranting. 

Okay, another happy note to end this post: I used the pic below on my new business cards. Isn't that the cutest photo ever?

Miller&Miller Photography

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Amy said...

I can understand your frustration. There are A LOT of people with seemingly no training whatsoever (many don't even have a good eye for it) who are deciding they are going to try to make a career photographing people. I've come across a lot of those people among the housewife community. What sort of credentials do you recommend that consumers look for before hiring a photographer?

sandi said...

I would first make sure the photog is shooting with professional gear rather than consumer grade (you would have to know the difference, b/c some of them don't even know themselves). Since no credentials are required to start a biz, it's hard to know if a photog knows anything technical or not. Just asking where they went to school will give you some sort of idea if they know anything or not. You have a better chance of getting good results if the person at least went to school. Then again, there are some photogs out there who never had formal training, but have a seemingly innate understanding of photography and produce amazing photos. Just look carefully at their work...they should be able to show you their work IN PRINT if you request it, and not just on-screen. It helps if they belong to professional organizations like PPA or WPPI, too. (Professional Photographers of America and Wedding and Portrait Professionals International)

sandi said...

I just met a woman at the park today who had someone do her family portraits for Christmas last year and she was so unhappy with them! So again, I say...look carefully at his or her work IN PRINT before hiring someone.

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