Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's a Love/Dread Thing

Well, it's here again...October.

I love it.

I dread it.

I love it for that piece of Virginia that lives in my heart: fall days, gigantic ancient trees adorned with bright orangeyellowred leaves, wearing big fluffy sweaters (me, not the trees), walking in the cool crisp air and for the solitude of mountain forests. I love it for Todd's birthday on the 16th and the gratitude I feel that he is in my life and is my lighthouse.

I dread it for having another 8 weeks left of hot days on the desert floor of Arizona. I dread it for October 18th, the anniversary of our lives being turned over by Allie's type 1 diabetes diagnosis. And this year I dread it for the 21st: the day our house is auctioned, taking another little piece of me with it.

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