Friday, November 20, 2009

Grocery Store Fight Over New Moon Mag

So I'm in line at the check out and you know how they have magazines there for you to get sucked in by while you wait?  I pick up a random holiday cooking magazine, and hidden behind it was a thick, chunky special edition mag of the New Moon characters and such.  I was so thrilled to see it, because, cheesey fan that I am, I wanted this issue, but it seemed to have sold out the minute it hit the racks. 

So, as I reach out to triumphantly pull the magazine from the rack, the "lady" behind me bumps my hand out of the way and snatches it!  She tucks it under her arm and smirks right at me! 

Oooooooh HUH UH.  So I say, "Seriously?  You saw me reaching for that!  Hand it over!"  She gives me the "psssh" sound and rolls her eyes.  Just then, the cashier asks me how I'm doing today and starts ringing my other items.  I act like I'm going to step forward to the debit machine, but instead I yell, "YAW!" and grab the magazine from under the wench-bag's arm and thrust it at the cashier, who's too dazed to take it from my hand.

Wench-bag, unwilling to just let go, grabs at me but I move forward and she falls on the floor.  I start to run away with the magazine, to pay for it on the other end of the store (after hiding for a while in the pickle aisle), but Wench-bag grabs me by the ankle and starts pulling my leg.  Just like I'm pulling yours!

Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

You totally SUCK!!! You had me going until the pulling your leg part. I was completely dumbfounded the entire story, and was ready to freak out for your sake.

sandi said...

Bwaaaaahahahahaha! I crack myself up!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Oh this was TOO GOOD! hilarious SANDI!

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