Monday, December 28, 2009

More Medical Crapstain

"I might just jump off a building
Free fall to the end
I might just jump off a building
So goodbye, my beautiful friend"

Can I just say that Christmas weekend sucked?  Yes, it did.  Todd worked all day Christmas Eve, all morning Christmas, all day Saturday, and early morning Sunday.  I spent Saturday and Sunday in the ER with Allie, so here come the medical bills, so I guess it's good that Todd had to work through the holiday. 

Allie, what to do with Allie?  She and one of her bff's sweet talked bff's mom into illegally signing the permission form for Allie to get her ear cartilege pierced.  Let me just say that people with diabetes (type 1 or 2) should NOT NOT NOT get cartilege pierced.  The infection was so horrific, Allie woke me at 6 Saturday morning and asked me to pull her earring out.  I stumbled into her bathroom and looked at the ear (it no longer resembled an ear).  I told her to get ready; we were going to the hospital. 

The kind and wonderful doctor at Banner Gateway ER drugged Allie with Vicodin, pulled out the earring and started treatment for the massive and astounding infection.  A nurse came in to give Al a ginormous shot in the butt--ouch!  (She got another one Sunday).  There was talk of admitting her, awaiting her white blood count.  It came back normal, so they let her go home, but told us to come back next day.  I got her Rx's filled (2 more antibiotics, more Vicodin) and the waiting began.  I was very scared she might lose the ear. 

The problem with high blood sugar and piercing cartilege is that there aren't many capillaries in cartilege to begin with, and in someone with high blood sugar (think thick and syrupy), it's even harder for the healing blood and meds to get to the area.  Is this child trying to kill herself, or me? 

So, we were supposed to go back to the ER today, but when we got there, we could instantly see there was at least an 8-hour wait.  We bailed, made an appointment for tomorrow with Al's ped, and I will watch the ear continually in case we need to go back to the ER tonight.  I know what to watch for in case it starts to spead into her jaw, etc. 

I'm so freaking tired.  Just so really very freaking tired.  I had a little nervous breakdown on the way home.  Ah, life is grand.

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Amy said...

Wow. I don't even know what to say. Maybe her BFF's mom would like to share those medical bills? Or, a little legal action? Did she actually forge your signature? Piercing cartilage is dangerous enough without extra concerns about T1D slowing healing. Hence the required signature. I think I would kill her. Or, at least kick her ass a bit.

I'm sorry that this is how you've spent the weekend. I hope Allie's ear heals well and I hope she's learned a lesson about taking care of herself better and about respecting YOUR parental authority. And, I hope you are able to get some proper rest soon. Hang in there.

sandi said...

Bff's mom feels really bad and brought me a small amount of money (they're broke, too). She didn't forge, they changed Allie's last name to Bff's last name. They are all at fault. I'm just at the end of my rope.

Linda L Shay said...

Oh my Gosh!!!! I am with Amy. What more can anyone say, I agree I hope Allie has learned a valuable lesson here. I feel for you Sandi. You need a break here. Have they named a wing at that hospital after you yet? :>)) Please try to get some rest when you can. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as so to speak. I wish I lived closer to you I would come over and send you to bed and take care of your family till you could recuperate. I'll send you all my energy through the air. Take care and hold on it will get better.

Unknown said...

Sandi!!!!! I didn't realize all the details of the story. I can't believe that mom!!! What the crap?? I would be LIVID, absolutely LIVID. I am so sorry for all it seems you continually go through. I hope you were able to rest a bit these last few days.

Cara said...

HOLY TORNADOS SANDI! Ok, I heard that teenagers can give you grief, but an early grave is a bit much. I'm praying that Zane will use a little more brains for you! I love Allie, but really, does she enjoy the hospital? I feel your pain with the medical bills my friend! Wish there was something I could do for you! You are still an AMAZING woman! Love you lots, and I agree with your friends, hope you get some rest!

Sending lots of LOVE & Prayers!


By the way, thanks for the Christmas Card, it's DARLING! I hope next Christmas is better for you!

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