Thursday, December 17, 2009

Orange You Glad You Got Pictures?

I've been working on our pricing the last few weeks and came up what I think is a fantastic pricing structure.  I sent it to someone who inquired about my pricing.  She looked it over and a few days later, told me she didn't understand didn't mention a disc full of printable images.  I told her that indeed I do not give a disc full of hi-res images so she can go have them printed somewhere of poor quality (like Costco or...eeeeeek...Wal Mart) and that, given the level of detail and attention I put into my work, were I to freely include a disc of hi-res images in my sitting fee, I would be making about $8/hour.  Sorry, cute people, but I can't afford to use $30,000 worth of equipment on $8/hour.  I did tell the inquirer that if she wanted "economy" photographs, there's someone on every corner who can offer that.  We are not, and do not ever want to be, the economy photographers.  Someone I know recently used one of those economy photographers (no, this does not offend me at all, I promise!  I know not everyone can afford custom photography...heck, I can't!), and I asked her how they turned out.  Her exact response:  "They're all dark."  There wasn't a single usable image.  Like I always say:  you get what you pay for.  We live and learn, and all that.  So, if you're one of the people who have told me you're saving up for a session with us, it might not take as long as you think...there are some fun changes coming in 2010!

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